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Have faith you are a winner

We all will agree that human beings are the most beautiful creation of God and he has put in us all the ingredients required to accomplish our goals of life. You have deliberated and found out what you want in your life, what are your dreams and you have converted your dreams into goals by putting a deadline to your dreams. You also have plan of action and you are suppose to execute that plan. But sometimes people ask me “Kumar, what you told me i am doing, i have goals, plans to achieve those goals but still i am not able to act on it, i procrastinate the things, thinking that i will start working on those plans from tomorrow or from next week or first January. I know these are very important for me still i am not able to move on, is something wrong with me?” The answer is very simple ‘There is nothing wrong to them, there is nothing wrong to you, this is lack of faith in self. It is quite natural in the process of goal achievement, in my earlier blog Dreams do come true only if you have guts to write them down I told you to make list of dreams and while making list of dreams you have to kept aside your present constraints and limitations.
What happens when you start your journey to achieve your goals you do not possess the skill sets required to complete your journey. Therefore, your subconscious mind tells you that it is difficult, it is not possible, you do not have ability to do this work and you will fail and other negative things. It happens because since childhood you are fed with so many negative statements that when you start something new and big it is not accepted by your own mind. As a result you become doubtful of your own abilities. It is not because what you think about your abilities but it is because what others think about your abilities. Never ever allow other persons to choose your destination. Never ever allow them to steal your dreams and never ever allow them to ruin your happiness. Your happiness is in the journey itself. It is you who have taken decision to fulfil your dreams and you have to make it true and successful. Take control of your life. You are bound to be successful if you follow law of success. Law of success is as true and as universal as law of gravitational force or Newton’s law. It is applicable with every person and every place whether you are in India or Africa or Alaska.
Take time out, work on to acquire skills that are required to accomplish your goals and then sharpen those skills. You can do two simple steps to boost faith in yourself. Number one read good books; good positive materials available on internet, inculcate this reading habit it will tremendously increase your faith in yourself. Secondly, associate yourself with positive people and believe me they are always ready to help you. These are two simple and powerful steps which will greatly help to achieve your goals.     
Faith in God and faith in the most beautiful creation of God, that is you, is the answer to all doubts.
Have faith in yourself. You are a leader and you are borne to succeed.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plan will succeed.


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