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Who will you listen?

What will happen when if you follow the path of the persons who have already travelled the road you want to travel? What will happen if you will follow the path of the persons who have already reached at the destination you want to reach?  The answer is simple you will be travelling the same path and you will reach the same destination.
Similarly, if you want to be successful, follow the path of successful person. The person who has never dreamt big and never acted on his dream will try to steal your dream; he will try to strangulate your dream. Always, be aware and beware of such person/persons. If such person has not done something worthwhile in his life, how does he qualify to give suggestions to others of doing something or not doing something?
Simply stating whenever you want to take any suggestions on any matter, always take expert advice. It may cost you some dollars which you will pay one time. But free advice from unqualified person, form unsuccessful person may cost you so much that the whole life you would be paying the price. Suppose, you want to earn money in stock market, who will you listen; you will listen to those persons who have created wealth through stock market, right. If you want to be a successful doctor, you will listen and follow a successful doctor. If you want to establish big business, you will listen to the successful Businesspersons. 
 If you look around yourself, you will find so many people who are your well wishers, there may be some people who are your role model or you want to be like that, make him/her your mentor, remember they are the people who are already successful or travelling on the path of success. If they are not around you, you have to find them and take guidance from them. He can better guide you to the path of health, wealth and prosperity.
Listening to the experts and following their advice brings success.   


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