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Take action for your goals

In my earlier blogs i wrote that once you have converted you dreams into Goals. You must make plan to achieve those goals. Goals are dreams with a date. You have put date against your each goal. Your goals must include all aspect of your life such as Physical, Mental, Financial, spiritual. Goals must be written, specific and measurable. You must visit your goals everyday. Visiting your goals everyday helps you concentrate and focus on your goals. Initially you may not posses the skill sets require to accomplish your goals. However, by hard work and patience you will acquire required skill sets. Read books related to the field and associate with people who are successful.

The process of acquiring new skill sets  will be very enriching, because during the course of your journey to your goals, you may explore your latent potentials about which neither you nor anybody else would be aware off.

When i started my career 16 years back in the field of finance, i was not aware of success principles. Like many people i also believed that the successful people are more privileged and luckier than the people who are not so successful. But while performing my job responsibility i met many people who are successful in their career, profession and business. Then i came to know and realized that it is not the luck but certain defined principles which they have been following and applying in their chosen field knowingly or unknowingly.

Now, there is no secrets of success principles. It is known to everybody. However, the differentiating factor is simplification and application of these principles. Today, everybody knows that walking is good for health. But what percentage of Population apply it. Similarly, internet and books are greatest source of information and knowledge, at the same time we have been living in an age where information is inundated. You have to be careful while choosing what information is helpful for you because you do not have luxury of time. Time is limited. There is deadline within which you have to achieve your goals. So, you can not keep on digging and analyzing on information. I am not saying that information and analysis of information and other available resources is not important, it is very important, but you must remember that Executed imperfect plan is better that non executed perfect plan.

You have dreams, you have set goals for yourself, you have plan, you have faith on yourself, but if you are waiting for the right time. Then i must tell you that right now is the best time. What ever you think is necessary for achievement of your goals. Start doing and take action right now. Whether it is your business plan, pursuing new course, writing book, improving relationship any thing. Once you will start executing your plan you can always review it. But the bottom line is Just start it. Just begin it. You journey of thousand miles start with your first step. So, take your first baby step. Action is cure for all your doubts and fears. You dreams and goals must be backed by action.

I hope you will start your journey to success. 
Have faith, keep pursuing, You will definitely achieve   your goals.

I will be happy to hear your experiences as you travel on the path of your destination...              


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