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Do not forget your dreams

The faith can move a mountain. I first read this sentence in a book, ‘the magic of thinking big.’
Yes, indeed, faith can move a mountain. I do believe in it.
Had I always believed it? No, not always.
So, what happened to me which caused me to believe that faith can move a mountain. Like many other children, when I was growing up I had dreams, dreams of travelling the world. While going school I would see a beautiful white magnificent bungalow in the way, a light blue luxurious car, I would dream one day I will have a bungalow like this and a big car. I would dream of a joint family living and eating together. I would dream of happiness and prosperity.
From school, I went to college and after graduating from college like all my friends, I worked hard to get a government job. We have been told many times if you get a government job, your life would be settled. This is true even today in my country, India,-the land of opportunity.
Once I started my job in a prestigious bank in my country, India, It was the year 2000 when I started my job, after working for a year I could understand the big dreams are not for me. Then in my daily hectic schedule and with complacent life, I forgot all my dreams which I used to see in my childhood days. My life was set. And I could do only one thing going to a job and getting a monthly salary.
          This is the year 2019, a few years ago I attended a life-changing seminar, the speaker spoke why dreams are important. This two-hour seminar was like someone has sprinkled water on a car covered with dust. My dreams were also covered with dust, all forgotten, but as the session progressed, my dreams started unfolding to me. Once again I became a dreamer. That day I could understand the power of inspiration in life.
          You know a man can act either in desperation or inspiration, but we are so accustomed to our daily life-even the painful situation does not seem painful- what is obvious. Therefore, I believe it is better to act in inspiration.
          How do people inspire? I do not know the answer. But I know what inspires me. You will also have to find what inspires you? Reading success stories, success philosophy and principles, watching motivation videos, talking to people who are taking action for their dream inspires me. I love the story of a caterpillar who transformed into a beautiful butterfly. And that is what I am doing. I have undertaken a journey to unleash my potential. I could increase my belief level by attending seminars and reading books.
          But the thing that keeps on motivating me is taking action for my dreams each day. I am aware of my destination and I am heading towards it each day. I am transforming to be a butterfly each day. I am making an inspirational story each day. I am the driving force. I am the inputter responsible for my life’s output. I am growing. Are you?

I want you to make your story inspiring one. And I do believe you can make it.

Keep growing. I am here to hear your story.


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