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Have faith you are a winner

We all will agree that human beings are the most beautiful creation of God and he has put in us all the ingredients required to accomplish our goals of life. You have deliberated and found out what you want in your life, what are your dreams and you have converted your dreams into goals by putting a deadline to your dreams. You also have plan of action and you are suppose to execute that plan. But sometimes people ask me “Kumar, what you told me i am doing, i have goals, plans to achieve those goals but still i am not able to act on it, i procrastinate the things, thinking that i will start working on those plans from tomorrow or from next week or first January. I know these are very important for me still i am not able to move on, is something wrong with me?” The answer is very simple ‘There is nothing wrong to them, there is nothing wrong to you, this is lack of faith in self. It is quite natural in the process of goal achievement, in my earlier blog Dreams do come true only if you

Applied Knowledge is Power

Since my childhood I have been listening that knowledge is power. This may be true before information age. But I don’t think in today’s parlance it is true. Knowledge might be power when there were few privileged people, who had access to knowledge or information and other people used to look forward to them for any kind of information or guidance. But today it is application of knowledge which makes a person powerful. It is the application of knowledge which takes a person ahead in life. I will give a small example, everyone has knowledge or each one of us is well informed that to keep ourselves healthy, half an hour of physical activity is extremely helpful. Let us put this question to ourselves “how many of us are really doing this on daily basis? This half an hour activity can have profound impact on twenty three and a half hour of our daily life. This half an hour act can increase productivity and improve our quality of life. This half an hour act, can lower our blood pressure,

New Biginning

Sun is setting down But it’s not the sign of darkness. It’s not the sign of sadness. It’s the preparation for new beginning. It’s a sign that new morning will come.

Faith can do miracles

In my earlier blogs i have suggested some steps to achieve your goals. You have plan of action but you will not act on your plan until you believe that "Yes, my plan will work". You must have faith that your plan will definitely succeed. To boost you faith enjoy the song by R Kelly.                                                                 "I Believe I Can Fly" I used to think that I could not go on And life was nothing but an awful song But now I know the meaning of true love I'm leaning on the everlasting arms If I can see it, then I can do it If I just believe it, there's nothing to it I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I think about it every night and day Spread my wings and fly away I believe I can soar I see me running through that open door I believe I can fly I believe I can fly I believe I can fly See I was on the verge of breaking down Sometimes silence can seem so loud There are miracles in life I m

Execution of Plan

"In the previous blogs i shared with you the steps required to achieve your goals. Now in this series, this is the last step. Do give your feedback ." The final and most important step in the achievement of goal is ACTION. Any planning will not be successful until it is backed by action. Your work ethics will take you to any height in the life. You have dreams, you have set goals, you have a plan which will lead you to your goal. You have taken decision for your destination. So, you will have to start your journey. Remember, even a journey of hundred  miles starts with a single step. This step may be a baby step but it is the beginning. It is said well begun is half done. If you have started the journey that means you are moving closer to your goal. At this stage you may feel that you don’t posses the skill set(s) required to achieve your dreams and goals.  But, the  good news about skill is that it can be acquired by practise. With commitment, hard work and perse

Plan To Succeed

Mr. Vijay lives in New Delhi along with his family. This winter he is taking leave from his office for a couple of weeks to visit different places in South India. Their visit is scheduled somewhere in December. In November, Mr. Vijay along with his wife and two kids plan their vacation. They get all information required to make their vacation enjoyable and memorable. They sit together, give time, talk every small things and make a perfect plan for their vacation so that nothing can be missed out. Most of us are not different from Mr. Vijay. We plan everything but when it comes to our own life, we don’t plan at all. We just get drifted in life as if we don’t have control over it. But now its time to take control of our life. “If there is no planning, then its planning to fail". Can you imagine making a building without blue print? No, not at all. You can only build a hut without blue print. Can you imagine to reach your destination without road map? No, not at all. Yo

Dreams and Goals

In my last two blogs i have written about dreams and how you can find out your vision and mission of life by answering two simple questions. Now, this one is about goals. I thank almighty and all of you who have shown genuine interest in the subject. I have tried to make the things simple and practical, so that it can be easily implemented. I would love to have your comments to improvise the contents so that each individual who is interested to better their life could be benefited. Dreams and Goals In the process of achievement comes Goals. What is the difference between dreams and goals? Put a deadline to your dream, it becomes goal. For Example, you want to buy your dream car. Put a date when you want to buy that car. You take decision that by May 31, 2015 you will buy your dream car. This becomes your goal. There are some points which must be kept in mind while setting Goals.  Goals must be specific, quantifiable, believable and achievable. Specific-For example,

Vision and Mission statement

Answer two questions to find out your vision and mission statement once you have created your dream list, take craft book or exercise book and paste pictures of your dreams. This is important because you have to make solid foundation of your dreams and you have to fulfil your dreams and your dreams must be  colourful . It is also important as brain is more receptive to non verbal communication than verbal communication. For example, you as a student want to be a doctor. You should take your picture in apron with stethoscope and paste it in your craft book or you want to drive your dream car, you should take picture of your dream car and paste it, take the pictures of places you want to visit and paste it in your craft book. This will give solid foundation to your dreams and it will help you to stick to your dreams. Once the dream building process is over the next step is how to  fulfil  it. Now, answer the question “In the process of achieving your dreams what kind of  person  y

Dreams do come true, only if

Dreams do come true, only if you have guts to write them down on paper   Have you ever pondered over the question what success is in life? Can you define success? It can be different for different people? For me it is progressive realization of one’s dreams. One day one of my colleagues asks me what is your dream. I did not answer to him. But here I want to share that my dream is in fact to help people realize their full potential and live their dream life. “Jio ji bharkar”. I talk to many people on this subject and I wonder many of them, irrespective of their age, even people in their late 50’s are not clear of what they want in their life. They go to the work place for many years they don’t want to go. They repeatedly do the same thing, they don’t enjoy. They are expecting different result by doing the same thing. This is the definition of insanity “Doing same thing expecting different result”. I thank almighty that I got clarity in what I want in life. Here, I don’t want to ta