Applied Knowledge is Power

Since my childhood I have been listening that knowledge is power. This may be true before information age. But I don’t think in today’s parlance it is true. Knowledge might be power when there were few privileged people, who had access to knowledge or information and other people used to look forward to them for any kind of information or guidance. But today it is application of knowledge which makes a person powerful. It is the application of knowledge which takes a person ahead in life. I will give a small example, everyone has knowledge or each one of us is well informed that to keep ourselves healthy, half an hour of physical activity is extremely helpful. Let us put this question to ourselves “how many of us are really doing this on daily basis? This half an hour activity can have profound impact on twenty three and a half hour of our daily life. This half an hour act can increase productivity and improve our quality of life. This half an hour act, can lower our blood pressure, can eliminate deposition of cholesterol in our body, enhances metabolic activities in our body, every cell of our body will be thankful to us for this precious half an hour.  But how many of us are giving this half an hour to keep ourselves healthy. You can find the answer by looking around. But the real question is whether I am giving myself half an hour to myself. All these can happen only when we apply the simple information or knowledge we have about physical activity and its impact on our health and quality of life
With this simple example I want to convey the message that it is application of knowledge that makes it powerful not mere having the knowledge. It is applicable for every aspect of our life.
Similarly, what new things we have learnt, may be from books, internet, training or at the workshop or from our colleagues at the work place or from elders in the park, application of what we have learnt will enable us to harness the benefits. Another example, suppose, we have leant that whatever plan we have made to achieve our goals, if executed will lead to our dream life, whether we are really executing the plan. Only knowing that execution of the plan will bring success in not power. Power is only if we apply those plans. If we have gained knowledge that by saying our loved ones that “I love you” can improve our relationship. We must apply it without any delay. There are several things if we apply can bring tremendous positive impact in our life.
So, Apply your knowledge and see the difference in your quality of life.


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