Dreams and Goals

In my last two blogs i have written about dreams and how you can find out your vision and mission of life by answering two simple questions. Now, this one is about goals. I thank almighty and all of you who have shown genuine interest in the subject. I have tried to make the things simple and practical, so that it can be easily implemented. I would love to have your comments to improvise the contents so that each individual who is interested to better their life could be benefited.

Dreams and Goals

In the process of achievement comes Goals. What is the difference between dreams and goals?
Put a deadline to your dream, it becomes goal. For Example, you want to buy your dream car. Put a date when you want to buy that car. You take decision that by May 31, 2015 you will buy your dream car. This becomes your goal.

There are some points which must be kept in mind while setting Goals. 

Goals must be specific, quantifiable, believable and achievable.

Specific-For example, you want a luxurious car to drive, you have to be specific which company’s car, model and  colour you want.

Quantifiable-means suppose you want to lose weight. You must say how many pounds you want to reduce.

Believable- Goals must be believable to YOU. I said it should be believable to you. It does not matter at all what others think about your goal. If you believe, you will definitely going to get it.   

Achievable- Your goal must be achievable. Then only you will develop faith to act upon.

Now, you are aware how can you convert your dream into goals. You can further bifurcate your goals according to time it may take to achieve -                                   
Time to achieve
Short term
3 months
Medium term
3-12 months
Long term
1-5 years

Once you have done this exercise we will move to next step………Planning.

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plan will succeed"


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