Dreams do come true, only if

Dreams do come true, only if you have guts to write them down on paper 
Have you ever pondered over the question what success is in life? Can you define success? It can be different for different people? For me it is progressive realization of one’s dreams. One day one of my colleagues asks me what is your dream. I did not answer to him. But here I want to share that my dream is in fact to help people realize their full potential and live their dream life. “Jio ji bharkar”. I talk to many people on this subject and I wonder many of them, irrespective of their age, even people in their late 50’s are not clear of what they want in their life. They go to the work place for many years they don’t want to go. They repeatedly do the same thing, they don’t enjoy. They are expecting different result by doing the same thing. This is the definition of insanity “Doing same thing expecting different result”. I thank almighty that I got clarity in what I want in life.
Here, I don’t want to talk about people. i will talk about myself. I got the path which shall lead me to my desired destination and I am enjoying the journey. Have you got yours? And all of you will agree that if you are enjoying the path, you are on the right direction. My friend, Sagar, says there is only one life. How true he says. Nothing could be bigger than life. Therefore, friends, it is very important to know what you want in your life. Once you get this clarity you can decide the path you have to travel. Once you are clear what you want that is your goal. If you are still not able to find out, let us do one exercise. Take pen and piece of paper or open word file and write down all the things small, big and very big things you want or you want to do in your life. While writing your dreams you keep aside your present situation and constraints you are having right now. Imagine that you don’t have any limitation of money and time. For example What kind person you would like to become,  home you would like to live, car you would like to drive, places to visit, how you would spend your time with your parents, spouse, children, sports you would like to play, your contribution to society  so on and so forth. Here I would like a word of caution-don’t stop your power of imagination let your thoughts keep flowing like water.

Once you make your dream list, we will do the next part……


  1. Great words of wisdom by great man.Precise summary of how life should be and how we live.I am implementing it today itself kuonki"Zindagi na milegi Dobara" .


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