Execution of Plan

"In the previous blogs i shared with you the steps required to achieve your goals. Now in this series, this is the last step. Do give your feedback."

The final and most important step in the achievement of goal is ACTION. Any planning will not be successful until it is backed by action. Your work ethics will take you to any height in the life.
You have dreams, you have set goals, you have a plan which will lead you to your goal. You have taken decision for your destination.
So, you will have to start your journey. Remember, even a journey of hundred  miles starts with a single step. This step may be a baby step but it is the beginning. It is said well begun is half done. If you have started the journey that means you are moving closer to your goal. At this stage you may feel that you don’t posses the skill set(s) required to achieve your dreams and goals.  But, the  good news about skill is that it can be acquired by practise. With commitment, hard work and perseverance, even the task which seems impossible at the beginning can be completed. When the most beautiful creation of God a new born baby comes in this world. He does not know talking, speaking walking and what not But he learns every thing slowly and steadily.
It is equally applicable to the adult. When a grown up man starts something new which he has not done earlier. He will find it difficult to learn the skill. For example, you start selling insurance products or you start your career as a production engineer or you start your new business. Initially, you will not have selling skill or how quality can be ensured in the production process or how a business can be run. But all these skills can be learnt, all these skills can be improved. How can you learn of improve your skill? The answer is clear. You will have to invest. You will have to invest your time. You will have to invest your time in yourself, you will have to invest your time in building your capacity. You will have to empower yourself. All these will have to be done by a person, it is none other than you. You will have to make commitment for yourself. You are answerable to yourself. You are accountable to you. It is you who will make all the difference. It is you who will start the journey. It is you from where your world will change. You are the change agent. Its up to you to make the things, which you have taken in your hands to make successful. You are the power house. Almighty is with you, Nothing can stop you. Start your journey and keep on walking.

"Commit to the Lord Whatever you do and your plan will succeed."


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