Plan To Succeed

Mr. Vijay lives in New Delhi along with his family. This winter he is taking leave from his office for a couple of weeks to visit different places in South India. Their visit is scheduled somewhere in December. In November, Mr. Vijay along with his wife and two kids plan their vacation. They get all information required to make their vacation enjoyable and memorable. They sit together, give time, talk every small things and make a perfect plan for their vacation so that nothing can be missed out.

Most of us are not different from Mr. Vijay. We plan everything but when it comes to our own life, we don’t plan at all. We just get drifted in life as if we don’t have control over it. But now its time to take control of our life.

“If there is no planning, then its planning to fail".

Can you imagine making a building without blue print? No, not at all. You can only build a hut without blue print. Can you imagine to reach your destination without road map? No, not at all. You can only wander here and there. 
Dear Friends, in the process of achieving goals planning is a very important step. If we don’t have plan to reach to our goal its mere a wish.
Remember, People fail not because they plan to fail, but because they fail to plan.

I am sure you will work out on your plan and with the plan your are bound to succeed. 

I am looking forward for your comments.

Commit to the Lord what ever you do and your plan will succeed.


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