Vision and Mission statement

Answer two questions to find out your vision and mission statement
once you have created your dream list, take craft book or exercise book and paste pictures of your dreams. This is important because you have to make solid foundation of your dreams and you have to fulfil your dreams and your dreams must be colourful. It is also important as brain is more receptive to non verbal communication than verbal communication. For example, you as a student want to be a doctor. You should take your picture in apron with stethoscope and paste it in your craft book or you want to drive your dream car, you should take picture of your dream car and paste it, take the pictures of places you want to visit and paste it in your craft book. This will give solid foundation to your dreams and it will help you to stick to your dreams. Once the dream building process is over the next step is how to fulfil it.
Now, answer the question “In the process of achieving your dreams what kind of person you would like to become”. Answer to this question will become your vision statement. Again, answer the question what will you do to attain your dreams. Answer to this question will become your mission statement. This vision and mission statement is important as it will help you to run your life on certain principles. As a result temporary setbacks will not stop you to achieve your dream. It may take some time to arrive at the vision and mission statement. Its okay.  This is the part of the process and you should enjoy it.
Read what The eleventh president of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam says about Dream “Dreams are not those that we see in our sleep, they should be the ones that never let us sleep.” 


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