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Fortune favours brave and it also favours Prepared

We all have heard that fortune favours brave but I want to emphasize here that it also favours to those who are well prepared for action. Any plan will not be converted into a real goal unless you are well prepared for its execution. Don’t waste your precious time waiting for some opportunity to come to you instead you prepare yourself so meticulously that you can create opportunity. I will share one story with you. There were two woodcutter Mr. Dora & Mr. Jhon. They were good friends with equal capability. They were assigned job of making path through the jungle. Both of them started cutting woods in the jungle. Mr. Dora was able to cut the jungle 3 times more in same time what Mr. Jhon was able to cut. Seeing the great progress of his friend one day Mr. Jhon asked Mr. Dora “We both are working for same time, we both are dedicated towards our work and we both are also working hard. How come you are 3 times more productive that I am”. Mr. dora said” Look my friend, everything

Get success by changing your thoughts and words you speak

Nothing big in life can be achieved without first conceiving it in mind. What you are today due to your habits. Your habit is what you repeatedly do. You do what you speak. What you speak is what you think. It cannot be that you are thinking something and speaking something. The important point is your destination is decided by your thoughts. In a simple illustration it is:                   Thoughts-Words-Actions-Habit-Character Sometimes it happens that you want to think positively, you want to think good things that you like to happen in your life. But nothing fruitful comes out. Here, i would like to give a message that thoughts are very powerful, what happens while growing up as a child, we are surrounded by negative words, which create negative thoughts. These thoughts repeatedly keep on going in our minds as we speak to our self more than anybody else. Now, as a grown up adult it is difficult to unlearn these habits which you have inculcated over a period of years. It

Failures are the stepping stones for success

Do you know what is opposite of success. Yes, most of us will say that failure is. However, the opposite of success is not failure it is quitting. Once you give up your endeavour to succeed you accept the failure.  Never be afraid of failure because once you start your journey to success you will get failure in the way, it is not that the road of success is opposite to failure. It is in between starting point of your journey and your destination that is your Goal. And it is quite possible that you will counter failure more than once. Failure is nothing but an opportunity to start afresh more intelligently. So, never be dishearten, learn from your failures. Once the building in which Thomas Edison had kept his papers of his inventions got glutted in fire. He was standing there relaxed. When someone asked why are you so relaxed? He replied that now all my mistakes had gone i can start afresh. This is the attitude of a winner. If you want to win the race of life & get succes

Extraordinary people have purpose in life, others have only wishes

There must be purpose in your life. Without purpose, life will drift like a ship with no radar. The ship with no radar will move here & there and even a weak wind can change its direction. It will drift away endlessly without any direction and eventually will get lost in the vast ocean. Similarly, if you do not have any purpose in your life, you will not have any sense of fulfillment. You can enjoy, can have peace and harmony, can give unconditional love and respect, can give quality time to your loved one, only if you have definite purpose in your life and you live that purpose. What do i mean by live that purpose. Suppose, you want to be sports person and want to play for your nation, everyday you go out and sincerely practice your sport. Will you get tired after practicing? No, not at all. You will be more enthusiastic, more energetic, more fulfilled. On the other hand, if you do not go out for practice, what will happen? You will feel low. The reason is quite clear, the day

Overcome Fear

There are several emotions, some are positive and some are negative. Positive emotions are always welcome like Joy, happiness, satisfaction, love, compassion and so on. Similarly, there are negative emotions. Fear is one of them and fear could be the most damaging emotion. As I wrote in my earlier blogs that dream is the common factor among all the big achievers. And to achieve your dreams you have to consistently take actions in the direction which will lead you to your goals. Now, many a times you will not be able to take action because of fear of failure. You may fear that you can lose money, time, reputation etc. Studies show that the biggest fear among people is people themselves. What others will say.   This is the most devastating thought which can lead a man to failure. But, the question is “shall it matter what people will say or think about you?” It’s your life; don’t give control of your life to others. It’s you and your family who are affected by your actions. You pro

Who will you listen?

What will happen when if you follow the path of the persons who have already travelled the road you want to travel? What will happen if you will follow the path of the persons who have already reached at the destination you want to reach?  The answer is simple you will be travelling the same path and you will reach the same destination. Similarly, if you want to be successful, follow the path of successful person. The person who has never dreamt big and never acted on his dream will try to steal your dream; he will try to strangulate your dream. Always, be aware and beware of such person/persons. If such person has not done something worthwhile in his life, how does he qualify to give suggestions to others of doing something or not doing something? Simply stating whenever you want to take any suggestions on any matter, always take expert advice. It may cost you some dollars which you will pay one time. But free advice from unqualified person, form unsuccessful person may cost you

Get out of your comfort zone

There are many factors which contribute to success. Sometimes it so happens that you work hard, you are committed, you have the direction, still you are not able to achieve what you want to achieve. This is the time you have to introspect. Whether you are working very hard but within your comfort zone. For example, if you are in business and you think that you have sufficient customer within the radius of say 25 KM. You are well aware of the area and over a period of time you are so accustomed to your area that you love working within that geographical area because that becomes you zone of comfort. Now, suppose you go out of your comfort zone that is beyond 25 KM. Say you go up to 50 KM. This will increase your sales volume to double of what is within you comfort zone and certainly it will double your income. Another example, suppose you are employed in company based in New Delhi. Now, you get an offer from other company based in Kolkata. You don’t want to leave New Delhi because y

Do This to lift your Spirit

1.       Whenever you feel sad or low, Just take out piece of paper, note book especially spiral note book is better. Make a list of all those things for which you are thankful to God. Whenever you feel sad just take out that list. Have a glance on the list. Always strive to add something new to the list. 2.       Write down your goals on small cards, see often to this card and at least, i repeat at least do something everyday which will take you closer to your goals. 3.       There are things you cannot change. Accept the things as it is. Focus on those things which can be changed. 4.        Live in present, utilize your present optimally. You have at your disposal only- Now . 5.       After completion of the day leave for the day. Whatever you could do you have done. You have done your best. No doubt that there may be something which could not be accomplished, but never allow these things to make home in your mind. 6.        Next morning will bring with itself

When it comes to leadership be like a bamboo tree

When it comes to leadership be like a bamboo tree. If you are in leader, you should be like a bamboo tree. But it is commonly seen; people in a leadership position tend to be like a banyan tree. Have you ever seen plants flourishing under a banyan tree?  The answer is in negative. Why it is so, because banyan tree prevents passing on essential ingredients required for growth of a plant. Essential ingredients like water, sunlight, nutrients, space. Just like that, when a so called leader, why so called leader because they are not true leaders, tries to be like a banyan tree, they don’t allow others to grow and these kinds of leaders are detrimental for growth of an organization. In the long run it may lead to leadership crises for the organization. How can you find out Leader with Banyan tree attitude?  It is simple they will always take the credit for good things and always blame others for non achievements. They will always play their own trumpet. They will always say i did this, i