Do This to lift your Spirit

1.      Whenever you feel sad or low, Just take out piece of paper, note book especially spiral note book is better. Make a list of all those things for which you are thankful to God. Whenever you feel sad just take out that list. Have a glance on the list. Always strive to add something new to the list.
2.      Write down your goals on small cards, see often to this card and at least, i repeat at least do something everyday which will take you closer to your goals.
3.      There are things you cannot change. Accept the things as it is. Focus on those things which can be changed.
4.       Live in present, utilize your present optimally. You have at your disposal only- Now.
5.      After completion of the day leave for the day. Whatever you could do you have done. You have done your best. No doubt that there may be something which could not be accomplished, but never allow these things to make home in your mind.
6.       Next morning will bring with itself new hope, new energy. Welcome this new morning with great vigor and happiness. Never allow your yesterday to ruin your present. What has bygone was good. Future is dependent on our present. Today is so good and lovely that none of its moment can be wasted. Live in Present.


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