Extraordinary people have purpose in life, others have only wishes

There must be purpose in your life. Without purpose, life will drift like a ship with no radar. The ship with no radar will move here & there and even a weak wind can change its direction. It will drift away endlessly without any direction and eventually will get lost in the vast ocean.
Similarly, if you do not have any purpose in your life, you will not have any sense of fulfillment. You can enjoy, can have peace and harmony, can give unconditional love and respect, can give quality time to your loved one, only if you have definite purpose in your life and you live that purpose. What do i mean by live that purpose. Suppose, you want to be sports person and want to play for your nation, everyday you go out and sincerely practice your sport. Will you get tired after practicing? No, not at all. You will be more enthusiastic, more energetic, more fulfilled. On the other hand, if you do not go out for practice, what will happen? You will feel low. The reason is quite clear, the day you go out and do the practice, you live your purpose you try hard to play for your nation, bring glory to it and set example for other youngsters. I will give one more example suppose you want to make a hospital for the poor people or you want to provide medical facilities in those areas where it is not available. Now, whatever action you do for this purpose it will give you a sense of achievement. The nearer you will go to your purpose happier you will feel.

To move in the direction of your purpose, it will bring joy because once you have started your journey it will give sense of fulfillment, sense of accomplishment.

When i started my journey to accomplish my mission of helping people, it completely changed my world. I have been enjoying every bit of it.

Now, it is your time to find out your purpose of life. If you have found out yours, congratulations, If you have not yet found out, search on, find it out and then start moving on to fulfil it. If you want to live extraordinary life you must have purpose and you must work to accomplish it.


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