Get out of your comfort zone

There are many factors which contribute to success. Sometimes it so happens that you work hard, you are committed, you have the direction, still you are not able to achieve what you want to achieve. This is the time you have to introspect. Whether you are working very hard but within your comfort zone.
For example, if you are in business and you think that you have sufficient customer within the radius of say 25 KM. You are well aware of the area and over a period of time you are so accustomed to your area that you love working within that geographical area because that becomes you zone of comfort. Now, suppose you go out of your comfort zone that is beyond 25 KM. Say you go up to 50 KM. This will increase your sales volume to double of what is within you comfort zone and certainly it will double your income. Another example, suppose you are employed in company based in New Delhi. Now, you get an offer from other company based in Kolkata. You don’t want to leave New Delhi because you have studied in New Delhi, if have relatives, friends here, you love the lifestyle of this city, its streets, its foods, its climate and everything. But at the same time you know that going to Kolkata can give big jump to your career. And most important you want it. So, stepping out of your comfort zone will get you good career.
Now, I will tell you a true story about one of my friend. He has been working in a company for the last 5 years. One day he revealed his pain to me that he does not want to do what he is doing right now. He wants to do something of his own in the field of agriculture but he does not have the resources. While talking with him i did find out that it is not the resources which are preventing him doing what he wants but it is the comfort zone he has created over a period of 5 years working as an employee. It’s the comfort of pay check he is getting every month. When I told him this fact, he could realize his position. He moved out of his comfort zone, started his new venture against all odds. His new venture is a dairy unit. He is running it very successfully. He is earning many times more than what he was earning earlier. And the greatest part of this story is he is enjoying what he is doing.   
What happens when you get out of your comfort zone, new possibilities opens up on the other hand if you work within your comfort zone it is hardly ever possible to achieve something big. If you think that you have achieve something while remaining within the comfort zone, then you can achieve bigger, you are limiting your potential. You can achieve whatever you want; you can achieve your goals much faster than you think if you push yourself out of your comfort zone.    
If you step out of your comfort zone, new and bigger opportunities welcome you.
The true magic happens outside the comfort zone.


  1. Sir I do agree with your words.We create comfort zone around us and to achieve our dreams we have to step out of it, initially it looks a little bit fearful but once we are sure we are on right path fear is gone and sooner or later we reach our destination


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