Overcome Fear

There are several emotions, some are positive and some are negative. Positive emotions are always welcome like Joy, happiness, satisfaction, love, compassion and so on. Similarly, there are negative emotions. Fear is one of them and fear could be the most damaging emotion.
As I wrote in my earlier blogs that dream is the common factor among all the big achievers. And to achieve your dreams you have to consistently take actions in the direction which will lead you to your goals.
Now, many a times you will not be able to take action because of fear of failure. You may fear that you can lose money, time, reputation etc. Studies show that the biggest fear among people is people themselves. What others will say.  This is the most devastating thought which can lead a man to failure. But, the question is “shall it matter what people will say or think about you?” It’s your life; don’t give control of your life to others. It’s you and your family who are affected by your actions. You prosperity, your happiness, your health will affect nobody but it will affect your life and your family’s life. So, don’t fear what others will say.
The other fear is fear of losing what you are having today. If you work hard, you gain knowledge, apply your knowledge, it will boost your confidence and your confidence will earn you more than what you are having today. With commitment, perseverance and hard work you build your capability to such a level that you will get success. And the most important thing is once you build your capability and bring the required change in yourself you are definitely going to achieve your goals and live your dream life.
Other fear may be of ill health. But instead of fearing ill health take steps to keep yourself healthy. You can take care of your diet, take daily exercise, read good books and keep yourself in association of good people.
Action cures fear. Suppose you fear public speaking, take action. Whenever you get opportunity to speak in public do it. If you fear making your sales call, make calls on a regular basis. If your fear mathematics, practice it and the list can go on. These are facts and you can take actions to minimize or eliminate these fears.
Raise your faith in yourself and see how fear disappears. 


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