When it comes to leadership be like a bamboo tree

When it comes to leadership be like a bamboo tree. If you are in leader, you should be like a bamboo tree. But it is commonly seen; people in a leadership position tend to be like a banyan tree. Have you ever seen plants flourishing under a banyan tree?  The answer is in negative. Why it is so, because banyan tree prevents passing on essential ingredients required for growth of a plant. Essential ingredients like water, sunlight, nutrients, space. Just like that, when a so called leader, why so called leader because they are not true leaders, tries to be like a banyan tree, they don’t allow others to grow and these kinds of leaders are detrimental for growth of an organization. In the long run it may lead to leadership crises for the organization. How can you find out Leader with Banyan tree attitude?  It is simple they will always take the credit for good things and always blame others for non achievements. They will always play their own trumpet. They will always say i did this, i did that. If they are true leaders, then their action should be louder than their speech.  It should be louder enough that anyone can hear it. If they are doing tremendous work, then why it is so that they have to tell,  not only to their superiors but to their colleagues, and even to their juniors that they are doing great job. Why it is so that they are saying something and their actions are narrating different story.  The answer is simple they are leaders with Banyan tree attitude.
On the other hand, true leaders are like Bamboo tree. What does a bamboo tree does? It gives space to other small bamboo trees, it shares sunlight, water, nutrients and all other ingredients required for proper growth of other bamboo trees. And over a period of time all the bamboo trees will grow to their full length. True leadership is like Bamboo tree, they will always groom others, and they will always give space, throw lights on their path of growth. They become mentors to others. They will build the capacity of an individual and turn them into a leader. They give credits to their team members for their achievements and take the blame themselves for failures. This kind of leaders keeps themselves behind the organization goal. They give priority to organizational development. Studies have shown that when an organization gets this kind of leaders, only such organization can fight and thrive against any odds.
When it comes to leadership be like a bamboo tree, grow yourself and let others grow as well only then your organization can test the time.


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