Failures are the stepping stones for success

Do you know what is opposite of success. Yes, most of us will say that failure is. However, the opposite of success is not failure it is quitting. Once you give up your endeavour to succeed you accept the failure.  Never be afraid of failure because once you start your journey to success you will get failure in the way, it is not that the road of success is opposite to failure. It is in between starting point of your journey and your destination that is your Goal. And it is quite possible that you will counter failure more than once. Failure is nothing but an opportunity to start afresh more intelligently. So, never be dishearten, learn from your failures.

Once the building in which Thomas Edison had kept his papers of his inventions got glutted in fire. He was standing there relaxed. When someone asked why are you so relaxed? He replied that now all my mistakes had gone i can start afresh.

This is the attitude of a winner. If you want to win the race of life & get success you got to develop this attitude. You don’t have to worry about failures instead you have to focus on your goals. You will get setbacks but if you continue travelling on your path to success you will definitely achieve your coveted goals. Sometimes, people get setbacks, failures and they quit. This is the saddest part of a success story which has been kept uncompleted. Never ever quit to make your dream a reality. Harder you work the luckier you will get. Never be afraid of falling, but have guts to stand on your feet each time you fall. It does not matter how many battles you lose, it does mater the WAR you win.


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