Get success by changing your thoughts and words you speak

Nothing big in life can be achieved without first conceiving it in mind. What you are today due to your habits. Your habit is what you repeatedly do. You do what you speak. What you speak is what you think. It cannot be that you are thinking something and speaking something. The important point is your destination is decided by your thoughts. In a simple illustration it is:


Sometimes it happens that you want to think positively, you want to think good things that you like to happen in your life. But nothing fruitful comes out. Here, i would like to give a message that thoughts are very powerful, what happens while growing up as a child, we are surrounded by negative words, which create negative thoughts. These thoughts repeatedly keep on going in our minds as we speak to our self more than anybody else. Now, as a grown up adult it is difficult to unlearn these habits which you have inculcated over a period of years. It is just like fats in out body which we accumulate over years and when we want to get rid of this we want to do it in weeks. When some good things you want to initiate in your life patience is the key to success. Don’t expect that something will happen overnight. But believe me, if you have patience and work methodically it will bring miracle in your life as it has brought in others life, who have developed good thinking habits.

If you find it difficult to change your thought process, you can do one simple exercise. You list out at least 100 positive words and start using these words in your daily life and see and feel the difference. Words such as great, wonderful, healthy, glorious, brilliant, magnificent, unprecedented, unconditional love, trust, help, faith, goals, achievement, prosperity and you can go on expanding your list. Expand your list of positive words and use them.

Speak of health, wealth and prosperity and get health, wealth prosperity, speak of what you want and get what you want, speak of success and get success.
Use this principle of success and share your experiences with us; it will enrich your life and others as well…


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