Fortune favours brave and it also favours Prepared

We all have heard that fortune favours brave but I want to emphasize here that it also favours to those who are well prepared for action. Any plan will not be converted into a real goal unless you are well prepared for its execution. Don’t waste your precious time waiting for some opportunity to come to you instead you prepare yourself so meticulously that you can create opportunity. I will share one story with you. There were two woodcutter Mr. Dora & Mr. Jhon. They were good friends with equal capability. They were assigned job of making path through the jungle. Both of them started cutting woods in the jungle. Mr. Dora was able to cut the jungle 3 times more in same time what Mr. Jhon was able to cut. Seeing the great progress of his friend one day Mr. Jhon asked Mr. Dora “We both are working for same time, we both are dedicated towards our work and we both are also working hard. How come you are 3 times more productive that I am”. Mr. dora said” Look my friend, everything is common between you and me but the only difference is that after cutting woods for 2 hours I take time out and prepare myself for the next round. I take time out and sharpen my axe”. Now, I am asking one question to you how many times you take out time from your routine work and do some value addition in yourself. Studies show that whatever learning happens in a professional life is during the first 4- 5 years. Therefore, my friends if you want to be in the top 5%, you will have to take some time out from your profession and prepare yourself to enable fortune favours you. You do it for few months and see the result yourself.


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