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Present-A Gift for every individual

Just a couple of days ago, i was watching a movie Dear Zindagi . In one of the scene Shahrukh Khan, who played a role of a Psychologist told to Aliya Bhatt (Shahrukh Khan is giving counselling to her) that " Do not let your past blackmail your present to ruin your future."   This is the greatest learning of life. The whole crux of a successful relationship, successful career and above all a successful life is to live in the present. It has been observed that most of the time people will talk about what had been already bygone. They will regret about past and what they could not do and achieve in the past or what had happened in the past. We must learn from past experiences of ours and other's as well. Past experiences are one of the greatest tools of learning. But, we must not live in the past. We have no control over past events. So, there is fun regretting about past. If something bad happened in the past which steps into present, then let the time take care of it

Take action for your goals

In my earlier blogs i wrote that once you have converted you dreams into Goals. You must make plan to achieve those goals. Goals are dreams with a date. You have put date against your each goal. Your goals must include all aspect of your life such as Physical, Mental, Financial, spiritual. Goals must be written, specific and measurable. You must visit your goals everyday. Visiting your goals everyday helps you concentrate and focus on your goals. Initially you may not posses the skill sets require to accomplish your goals. However, by hard work and patience you will acquire required skill sets. Read books related to the field and associate with people who are successful. The process of acquiring new skill sets  will be very enriching, because during the course of your journey to your goals, you may explore your latent potentials about which neither you nor anybody else would be aware off. When i started my career 16 years back in the field of finance, i was not aware of succ

Use your power of imagination

I was born in a lower middle class. i spent my childhood mostly in a small cities as my father was in government department. His job was transferable so i got opportunity to live in different small towns. Like all other kids my imagination power was very strong. Kids love to imagine to fly like a free bird, have a magic wand which will give every thing they desire, there is no limitation to their imagination. I also wished i could have a pen, with which whatever i wrote i could get. Perhaps, today kids think and imagine about magic gadgets and this is the reason why Doreman is such a popular character among children, who gives everything what Nobita wants.  As a kid you believe that all your wishes will be fulfilled because you were using your imagination rather than logic. Logic gives reasons why something is not possible or something can not be done while imagination gives power why and how something can be done, ultimately fulfilling your dreams. I am not saying you should not u

Best Gift to your Child

Today is children's day. Children's day is celebrated on November 14, every year. November 14 is birth anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. On this occasion i will tell you what is in my view Best gift to your Child.  Today as a parent you can give the best gift to your child. In my view helping your child develop habit of reading is the best gift to your child. I need not mention the importance of reading. One of the best thing about reading is it increases power of imagination, which is one of the important laws of success . Reading makes a person perfect and we all know that all great leaders are also a great readers .   I,myself, am a voracious reader. Due to my reading habit, i humbly state that my knowledge is far from superior not only in the field i work but also in general.  I still remember the day very clearly when i was about 7 years old when my father gave me CHANDAMAMA, a monthly magazine for children. He also helped me

Have clear goals

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years. Bill Gates Couple of days back, i was sitting with one of my friend. We were talking about dreams, During discussion i asked him " what do you want in life." He told me "i want to do something big, i want lot of money and i want to do the work i love to do." This is what most people say.  when you ask "what do they want in life." They want to do something big, but there is no clarity what exactly they want to do.  They want to earn money, lots of money. but they fail to quantify it, because they do not believe that it is possible to earn and get what they want. But the first step in the process of achievement is that one will have to make goals. Goal setting is the first important step in the process of achievement.  Your answer to the above mentioned question must be clear and specific. because it is you who is going to decide how muc

How often do you Laugh???

",, day before, last week .... no...oh my god, i don't remember when i laughed last time. yes, i did smile but i don't remember when did i laugh last time." This was the answer when i asked one of my friend, working with a multinational software company, to my question "when did you laugh last time like a child?" Have you noticed now a days how often do you laugh? There are times in  life when you do not even remember when you had laughed like a child. Why is it so? Are you occupied with your worries so much that you do not find moment to laugh?  There are several benefits of laugh, you can find detail in any of the sites.  Just few of them are: Laughter increases your productivity. Laughter burns calories. Laughter is contagious. Laughter will make you attractive. Laughter is the best face pack. Laughter is the best gift you can give to your loved ones. Laughter reduces stress. Laughter makes

Why do i write blog

It was in the year 2014,one of my colleague introduced me to blogspot. I am a voracious reader but i am not a writer. I posted some post in my blogs what i learnt during my interaction with people and during my course of success journey. After writing for couple of months, i lost my consistency due to engagement in my other priorities. I started with an objective to inspire people. I do believe that to achieve any goal 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration is needed. And i believe 1% inspiration is inevitable ingredient in the journey of success. This 1% is needed to ignite fuel for 99% perspiration. However, due to some other priorities i could not give much time to my writing. Then a month back i came in contact with an entrepreneur who is doing well in his manufacturing business, however, he wants to make his name in hospitality business. That means right now he is doing what he does not want to do but his dream is something else. I told him about my blog  he read my blogs and urged

Success Story is also story of many failures

We meet any successful person and listen his story or read stories or history of great persons. We will come to know that every success story is also a story of many failures. What we see is Success and success is visible & noticed but People fail to see the numerous failures that the successful person encounters during his journey of success. One of the classic examples are Colonel Sanders story. Colonel Sanders was an American businessman. He was the founder of world famous KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). He started his restaurant business at the age of 65 years. His success story is also failure story of 1009 times. His recipe was rejected 1009 times before it was accepted. Today all of us know about KFC. But think for a while what would have happened, if Colonel Sanders would have quit after 1008 times. There would not have been any KFC.  The great actor Amitabh Bachchan was rejected by radio channel stating that his voice was not found suitable for radio. Today, he is consid

When you feel all doors are closed

When you feel all doors are closed, its opening up of a new door. When you feel there is no one to lean upon, there is no path to travel, there is darkness everywhere, nothing is converted into results, everything around is moving, but you are standing still. Injustice happened to you. You feel like you have been beaten. You have been thrashed and knocked down by life. You are lying on the ground, blooded finding it difficult to breathe. Diaphragm crying out for oxygen, everything ruined, body and soul craving for an iota of energy, helpless. There is no hope anywhere. In life you will come across this phase. Whenever you feel dejected, it’s time not to sit down and let the life defeat you. It’s time for a new beginning. It’s time to act. It’s time to start afresh.  Now, what to do in such situation? Read the headline and first sentence of the above paragraph. It is written when you feel. That means it may not be the real situation. In fact, real situation and feeling is entirely

Unlearn to learn afresh

We can compare our mind with cultivable land. Say, we have acres and acres of cultivable land and we want to turn that land in a beautiful orchard. We have all the inputs required to turn that land into our dream orchard. We have desire and we have resources. However, we see that cultivable land had been used to grow some big trees like eucalyptus. All those eucalyptus plants are deep rooted in the land. Now, what shall be our move? Shall we start sowing seeds of new plants or first we should remove the plants which had already been planted there. It is quite obvious that we shall remove all those plants which we do not want. Only then we shall be able to grow new desired plants. Similarly, in life also sometimes we kept occupied our mind with something which we do not want. So, we will have to remove those unwanted things. That means we will have to unlearn those unwanted things and learn those things which will bring us closer to what we want in life and ultimately help us to get o