When you feel all doors are closed

When you feel all doors are closed, its opening up of a new door. When you feel there is no one to lean upon, there is no path to travel, there is darkness everywhere, nothing is converted into results, everything around is moving, but you are standing still. Injustice happened to you. You feel like you have been beaten. You have been thrashed and knocked down by life. You are lying on the ground, blooded finding it difficult to breathe. Diaphragm crying out for oxygen, everything ruined, body and soul craving for an iota of energy, helpless. There is no hope anywhere. In life you will come across this phase. Whenever you feel dejected, it’s time not to sit down and let the life defeat you. It’s time for a new beginning. It’s time to act. It’s time to start afresh. 
Now, what to do in such situation? Read the headline and first sentence of the above paragraph. It is written when you feel. That means it may not be the real situation. In fact, real situation and feeling is entirely different. Feeling is a state of mind. Action is cure for most of the challenges you face in life. Then the question comes when nothing seems working, which action is to be taken. When it comes to the mind which action is to be taken, and then you must ask simple but very powerful question what do you want in life? Until you find answer to this question you will be wandering here and there. Heading without knowing where to go will lead you to frustration. Therefore, my friends, clarify your desire, make it your burning desire, find out ways to get what you want from life and then work on those ways. Every day with self discipline work in the direction which brings you closer to your dreams and goals.  Start with the end result in the mind. What is your dream? What is your goal? What you want to achieve in life, look at the bigger picture, you have decided for yourself and for your dear ones.  Now, recall and imagine your dreams. Remember your goal you have set for yourself. Once you focus on your goals and actions required to achieve that goal, you will find energy flowing in your bloodstream. You will feel energy in your soul, in every veins and arteries, in each cells, energy in the form oxygen flowing in the entire body, triggering passion in you for your work, signalling you to stand up, make your feet firm on the ground and be ready for run, run that will take you closer to your goal. Take action, massive action, Take massive action every day, consistently, show persistence, perseverance in your work, and always remember action is cure for every cause that has become impediment between you and your success. Always remember, tomorrow is the outcome of today’s effort. Control the cause and result is definitely yours.  


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