Best Gift to your Child

Today is children's day. Children's day is celebrated on November 14, every year. November 14 is birth anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. On this occasion i will tell you what is in my view Best gift to your Child. 

Today as a parent you can give the best gift to your child. In my view helping your child develop habit of reading is the best gift to your child. I need not mention the importance of reading. One of the best thing about reading is it increases power of imagination, which is one of the important laws of success. Reading makes a person perfect and we all know that all great leaders are also a great readers.  

I,myself, am a voracious reader. Due to my reading habit, i humbly state that my knowledge is far from superior not only in the field i work but also in general. 

I still remember the day very clearly when i was about 7 years old when my father gave me CHANDAMAMA, a monthly magazine for children. He also helped me to read. In this way, i inculcated reading habit. I always thank my Dad for this invaluable gift.

This is the gift i gave to my two children. And i want them to give it to their children.

So, in my view this is the best gift to your child you can give on this Children's day. 

Gift your Child a Book today itself...........and of course help them inculcate habit of reading.

Happy Reading.


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