Have clear goals

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.
Bill Gates

Couple of days back, i was sitting with one of my friend. We were talking about dreams, During discussion i asked him " what do you want in life." He told me "i want to do something big, i want lot of money and i want to do the work i love to do."

This is what most people say.  when you ask "what do they want in life." They want to do something big, but there is no clarity what exactly they want to do.  They want to earn money, lots of money. but they fail to quantify it, because they do not believe that it is possible to earn and get what they want. But the first step in the process of achievement is that one will have to make goals. Goal setting is the first important step in the process of achievement. 

Your answer to the above mentioned question must be clear and specific. because it is you who is going to decide how much money you want. It may be anything US$ 100,000 or US$ 1,000,000 or more. But you will have to quantify it. You must decide how much money you want for yourself. 

Now, come to discussion i had with my friend. I asked him "tell me, what do you mean by something big? In your view what is big? and what exactly is the area in which you want to do something big?" He said i want to organize big seminars for students, guiding them about different career options. Then i again asked him "How many seminars in a year or in a month you want to conduct, what exactly you want to achieve through these seminars?" Then he started seeing point in my questions. My friend is capable of achieving what he wants. but due to not setting his goals, he is facing challenges. 

I quoted his example to put my point that unless you decide what exactly you want in your life, how can you even think of getting what you want. I mean to say first you decide what you want and then do what ever you can do to achieve.  Without destination you can not select appropriate vehicle. Once you decide your destination, then only you can choose your path and your vehicle to achieve those goals. 
Then regarding second question of How much money you want to earn? There is no limitation of  earning money, so it is you who have to decide how much money you want to have for yourself and your family. How much money depends upon your dreams and goals. Once you decide how much money you want to earn, then you can work upon earning the money you require to fulfill your dreams. 

Now, come to the third question. Job or profession or work of interest. You must do the work of your interest, if you find out work of your interest and you will never have to work. I mean to say you will love doing it and once you enjoy the work, it will no longer be work.You will enjoy every bit of it. But if you do not find the work of interest or due to some challenges right now you are not able to begin the work of your interest, then you must develop your self interest in the work you are doing. Once you develop your self interest you will love doing it. In other words either you love what you are doing or you do you what you love doing. 

Bottom line is you must enjoy your journey, your journey of life. A life of health, wealth and happiness. 

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