How often do you Laugh???

",, day before, last week .... no...oh my god, i don't remember when i laughed last time. yes, i did smile but i don't remember when did i laugh last time." This was the answer when i asked one of my friend, working with a multinational software company, to my question "when did you laugh last time like a child?"
Have you noticed now a days how often do you laugh? There are times in  life when you do not even remember when you had laughed like a child. Why is it so? Are you occupied with your worries so much that you do not find moment to laugh? 

There are several benefits of laugh, you can find detail in any of the sites. 

Just few of them are:

Laughter increases your productivity.

Laughter burns calories.

Laughter is contagious.

Laughter will make you attractive.

Laughter is the best face pack.

Laughter is the best gift you can give to your loved ones.

Laughter reduces stress.

Laughter makes your relationship better with others.

and above all, People love to be with people who laughs more frequently, means, people want to be with people who are happy rather than with them who are cheerless.

Moreover, Good news is that it does not require extra time and effort. It depends on you only. You may think that it depends on mood. Then, it is you who should control your mood rather than be controlled by your mood.

Now, i ask you the same question which i asked to my friend. "when did you laughed last time like a child?" If the answer is very often, you should keep on.., you are harnessing all the benefits of laugh. But, if the answer is i do not remember exactly..., do not give any thought to it, just start laughing. There is no side effect. It does not cost anything. It comes absolutely free.....

Keep on laughing.....


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