Use your power of imagination

I was born in a lower middle class. i spent my childhood mostly in a small cities as my father was in government department. His job was transferable so i got opportunity to live in different small towns. Like all other kids my imagination power was very strong. Kids love to imagine to fly like a free bird, have a magic wand which will give every thing they desire, there is no limitation to their imagination. I also wished i could have a pen, with which whatever i wrote i could get. Perhaps, today kids think and imagine about magic gadgets and this is the reason why Doreman is such a popular character among children, who gives everything what Nobita wants. 

As a kid you believe that all your wishes will be fulfilled because you were using your imagination rather than logic. Logic gives reasons why something is not possible or something can not be done while imagination gives power why and how something can be done, ultimately fulfilling your dreams. I am not saying you should not use logic, however, positive effect of power of imagination is immense.

To use your power of imagination you will have to learn what is this power of imagination? Why it is important? How you can use it to reach your goals?

In my earlier blogs i wrote that in the process of achievement of goals, the first step is desires/dreams. Dreams are the common denominator in all successful person. Dreams are mostly built while you grow up as a kid, as kids think that everything is possible. when you grow up you find people with great lifestyle which also builds your dream and desire. when i had been growing as a child i used to imagine i would travel all around the world, i would go different places of the world. This was because i brought some books from my school library. One of my all time favorite was Robinson Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe was a classic novel by Daneil Defoe.  The book was written as an auto biograpy of Robison Crusoe as its author, and like most of the reader i also believed that Robinson was a real person who spent 28 years on an island all alone. During that period i also read MOBY DICK, this was a story of white Whale. Probably this was the reason i wanted to travel all around the world. and as a child i believed that it was all possible because when you imagine like a child there is no limitation of resources like time and money.  There were several other stories of my dreams, gradually as i grow up as a youth i was repeatedly told to be practical and slowly these dreams faded away. I am sure similarly you would have build your dreams also. Over the period of time your dreams would also have faded away. But now i get the success principles which i have been applying to achieve my dreams similarly you can also apply these principles. 

One of these principles is law of imagination. You can not control the consequences  of your actions but you can control your actions. You do the actions and imagine that the result would be as you desire. Always, imagine the outcome you want. Never ever thought and imagine about negative things and negative out come. Negative imagination makes you weak and it will suck your energy. On the other hand positive imagination gives you energy to carry on your actions. 

Do practice this positive imagination for couple of months and you will notice the difference. Let the situation be anything but think positive, imagine that you have already achieved your goals. When you repeatedly imagine that you have achieved your goals. Sooner you will notice that you have achieved your goals.

Use this power of imagination in your favour and in achievement of your goals.

I would love to hear about your dreams and how you dreams built.........

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