Present-A Gift for every individual

Just a couple of days ago, i was watching a movie Dear Zindagi. In one of the scene Shahrukh Khan, who played a role of a Psychologist told to Aliya Bhatt (Shahrukh Khan is giving counselling to her) that " Do not let your past blackmail your present to ruin your future."  This is the greatest learning of life. The whole crux of a successful relationship, successful career and above all a successful life is to live in the present.
It has been observed that most of the time people will talk about what had been already bygone. They will regret about past and what they could not do and achieve in the past or what had happened in the past. We must learn from past experiences of ours and other's as well. Past experiences are one of the greatest tools of learning. But, we must not live in the past. We have no control over past events. So, there is fun regretting about past. If something bad happened in the past which steps into present, then let the time take care of it and we must move forward and carry on.

As we have no control over past, similarly, we have no control over future, but sometimes we are so fearful about some future outcome that we keep on worrying about it all the time. Thus, making our most valuable gift (The present time) the most miserable one. The things, the outcomes, the effects which are yet to take place, if at all that is going to happen, is ruining our present.
 But as a human being we can shape up our future, we can achieve our goals  and we can live our dream life. But, hello... how can we do that if we do not have control over future? The answer to this question is a big yes, yes we can shape our future. we can shape our future by optimum utilization our present, by living in present.
We are all traveler taking our journey on the road of time. We must make our journey pleasant, blissful and happy. For that we must enjoy every bit of present. 

A Banker rightly says past is stale cheque (outdated), future is post dated cheque, present is the cheque which can be encashed. Therefore, friends, encash your present and live to the fullest...   


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