Build your capability gradually and consistently

If something is worth doing, do it whole heartedly and do it on time. Anything worth doable is not done on time is wastage of resources.

It is said that to be successful ninety nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration is required. But the bottom line is to bring this ninety nine percent you need this one percent consistently. Once you learn how to motivate yourself on a continuous basis, you will start achieving your goals in more effective way and much lesser time irrespective of factors like age, gender, place of living, challenges in life etc. Outer challenges will become smaller provided your dreams are bigger. However, you must believe in your dream. When you talk about your dreams to others they might tell you that you can’t do it or you cannot achieve your dreams but it is their view, what do you think about yourself is important to you. If you have believe in your dreams that means you have believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself that means you believe in God. After all, you are a creation of God. Success is sure to those who have dreams and who believe in their dreams. Belief will help you to take actions. You might fear doing something which is important for you. Start taking action is the best medicine to cure your fear. Consistent and persistent action will bring your capacity which you might not be possessing initially. Once you develop your capacity desired result will definitely come. 


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