Dear Brother,
This blog I am writing especially for you. Due to external circumstances right now you may be facing challenges. During challenges we tend to do work in pressure or in temptation. But do not forget that every challenge brings opportunity. When you face problems especially financial then it is quite common to overlook the opportunity. Unprejudiced mind is required to see the opportunity.
 Once you see the opportunity, grab it. It needs your focus, self discipline, hard work, passion, dedication, commitment and of course, enough time to consistently work on.
Working on an opportunity is like digging a well, so that you can get water as and when you want. But it required hard work every day with patient. You cannot dig well in one day or one week. When you are thirsty you cannot dig well. You have to dig well when you are not thirsty. I do know you require money today, but somehow you have to sustain, make a financial goal for six months. Make a plan to achieve that goal and without wandering here and there work wholeheartedly on that plan. Do believe in yourself. Everything would change in six months.  
            Whenever, I talk to you, you tell me that you have all the experience. But experience alone will not help you to earn money. If you want to earn money you have to put all your experiences into use. You need to apply your knowledge and experience. This is as simple as that. Do not make the things complicated. Always, keep it simple, always. Complications would bring stress and nothing else. If you want to take out best from yourself, keep it simple.
            Now, I would like to say something about basics. Every business and profession has some basics. Stick to the basics. What are the basics of business you have entered? I am not aware but I can give a piece of advice here:
Treat your customer as he is the most important person in your life. Your business can grow only with their delight.

You have also told me about your apprehension about your future in partnership firm. Labor done in right direction with honesty never goes waste. I would like to suggest you do what is important and possible to do on day to day basis. Go to your work place like that is your last day and give your best. Forget about future or next day. What you can do on daily basis, you do only that. You do not have time machine which will enable you to go in the future and shape it. You can shape your future by utilizing today in productive and meaningful way. Do not give much thought on the past also. You cannot change your past. Today your position is sum total of efforts put by you in the past. Your future position will depend on your today’s effort.
Take control of your life by taking control of your thoughts and actions. Do work hard. Listen to your heart.
Yours truly,


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