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Work For Your Dream EveryDay

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A Edison Your action taken everyday to achieve your goals or purpose in life would become your habit. Your habits would transform you into your character. Your character is your prayer to lord. Therefore, friends try to develop a habit which will bring your closer to your goals. To develop a strong habit, first you need to work on your thought process. What you think will become your words and actions. Actions done daily would become your habit.                          Any goal, how difficult it may seem initially, can be achieved through your habits. Writing a book was not an easy task for me, more so, when I was not having any background of writing. When I started my writing endeavor, my desire turned into strong desire. It is said when a student is ready to learn, master will appear. Once I was ready to make my career as a bestselling author, I got help

Have Single-Minded devotion To Your Goal

To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goals.                                                                                                A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Once you are clear about your dream, you can make it your goal. How can you make your dream your goal? When it comes to goal setting, it should be divided into short term goals and long term goals. There is no such categorization which goals can be short term goals and which can be long term goals. You can keep those goals under short term which can be achieved in one year. Long term goals are your dreams. The goals that you want to achieve 2 years down the line or 5 years, 10 years or 20 years down the line. Goals like owning a beautiful house with beautiful garden having swimming pool, at calm or serene place, plenty of space to play with children and spouse, owning fleet of luxurious cars, owning stud farms, exotic vacation, optimum health, financial freedom, time to pursue


There are many qualities in a successful person. But, there is one common denominator among all successful people. One thing common among them is dream. If you take some time to ponder why you are what you are today. Why are you living in a house you are living today? Why do you drive the car you drive today? The answer to these questions lies in dreams. It was your dream which had brought you where you are today. The car you are driving is because somewhere deep inside you might have dreamed about it in the past. The house you are living you must have dreamed about it. You might think, No, I have not dreamed about the small house, the small car, the job you are doing have never dreamed. You may deny it. But the fact is you must believe in yourself and your dreams. Your dream comes true if you believe it. There are people who dream big. Dream big is absolutely necessary to be successful and prosperous. But your dreams must be backed by your belief. For example there are

my story

You might have landed on this site by chance. Let me share with you something about myself. I am having a day job but I was never satisfied with my day job because I was not able to utilize my full potential. I always thought and believed that I could do more than what I have always been offered to do. Till the age of forty years, while keeping my day job I tried many different ventures and business with a view to get some extra income or replace my day job with some more lucrative business, where I could get work satisfaction. But this work satisfaction remained an illusion for me. I have never ever in my wildest dream thought of being a writer. This blog I have started solely for the purpose of knowing how these blogs work. How can one start blogging? I started this blog in the year 2014. There are some thirty posts on this site. All these blogs are related with self-help. I selected the topics because I have been an avid reader of self-help books. I tried to implement the