There are many qualities in a successful person. But, there is one common denominator among all successful people. One thing common among them is dream.

If you take some time to ponder why you are what you are today. Why are you living in a house you are living today? Why do you drive the car you drive today? The answer to these questions lies in dreams. It was your dream which had brought you where you are today. The car you are driving is because somewhere deep inside you might have dreamed about it in the past. The house you are living you must have dreamed about it.

You might think, No, I have not dreamed about the small house, the small car, the job you are doing have never dreamed. You may deny it. But the fact is you must believe in yourself and your dreams.

Your dream comes true if you believe it. There are people who dream big. Dream big is absolutely necessary to be successful and prosperous. But your dreams must be backed by your belief. For example there are people who ride two wheeler and they do not own any four wheeler, if they dream that their first car would be a luxurious car, could it be possible to get a brand new luxurious car. The answer is ‘yes, of course, if only they believe it.’ If your mind accepts it, you can have anything you want. You can achieve any big goals you want. There are no un-realistic goals. Only thing is it must be believable.
Dream big, believe in your goals. Take action every day, which will take you closer to your goal. Do simple things which is important to achieve your goals and one day you will find that you have achieved what you wanted to achieve.

Let me give you my own example I am forty two years old, few months ago I was not able to run continuously even for half kilometer. I started with few hundred meters. Now, I can run 5 kilometers at a stretch. Now, I dream to run 42 kilometers i.e. full marathon. Full marathon is a race where you are supposed to run/walk 42 kilometers. many of my friends said it is not possible. but i know deep inside that i can do it. Now, this is my dream, it’s a big dream for me. But I am confident and I do believe that by the end of this year 2018, I shall be able to finish my first marathon.

My second dream is to write good blogs so that people can get benefited by my blogs. That also I am doing. Because I do believe that poor writing is better than perfect writing which is not written at all.

I will go to the extent of saying that perfection is a curse. Excellence is the thing we all must strive for.

I will end this blog by a quote by Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”
And we are sum total of our habits. Change your habit; you can change your life. The best time to start a good habit is now, right now.


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