Work For Your Dream EveryDay

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Thomas A Edison

Your action taken everyday to achieve your goals or purpose in life would become your habit. Your habits would transform you into your character. Your character is your prayer to lord. Therefore, friends try to develop a habit which will bring your closer to your goals. To develop a strong habit, first you need to work on your thought process. What you think will become your words and actions. Actions done daily would become your habit.
             Any goal, how difficult it may seem initially, can be achieved through your habits. Writing a book was not an easy task for me, more so, when I was not having any background of writing. When I started my writing endeavor, my desire turned into strong desire. It is said when a student is ready to learn, master will appear. Once I was ready to make my career as a bestselling author, I got help from every nook and corner of the world. Therefore, if you have any desire to do anything you can do that and you can be successful in your endeavor. You must be ready to put all effort required to accomplish your desire.

        Every great work starts with small effort. You can begin your journey of thousand miles from a single step. Your effort should be concerted; your effort and energy should not be diverted. It must be focused single-minded at the goal only. You must be able to visualize your goal; you must be able to visualize the end result. Every day effort brings miraculous result one day. The result you have always dream off.
           Toady, I am in the process of becoming a best seller author, but at one point of time, writing few sentences was not easy for me. But I made it sure that each day I have to write. My gigantic work is because of little effort put every day. Effort made on consistent and persistent basis brings amazing result.

            This blog was started in the year 2014. But I decided in the month of May 2018 that I will post at least 150 posts, topics related to self empowerment, by the end of the year.
         What you are reading is beginning phase of this blog. I am also growing through this blog. I am learning and growing to be a better writer. Every day, I want to be a better writer than the previous day. I have been making effort. After one year of my writing you may notice the difference in my writing. You can do the same with any of your dream. When you shall be involved in making your dream  reality, you will be happy. Happiness is in creation.
            The similar effort I have been putting for my marathon training, as I declare in my earlier blog that I want to run a marathon race by the end of this year.

            Now, you are meeting with a blogger who has two passions in life-running and writing.

Dear readers,

Thank you for your consistent support and I look forward for similar support in future.


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