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You can be a writer keeping your day job

I do not have analytical mind and I do not posses any creativity. That is why I love long distance running and writing. Oh, what are you saying, I can understand for long distance running you need consistent practice but for writing you need to be creative. This was the reaction I get when I say people that long distance running and writing do not need creativity. We have been told and our mind has been conditioned to believe that you need analytical and creative mind to be a great writer. But the truth is something else.     Let us talk about writing. What do you think to be a great writer what skills and qualities you need to have? You might be thinking writing needs talent and genius. But I do not agree with this premise. My view is different. How let us see further?             Developing stamina for long distance running requires following a rigorous training schedule, where running and rest days are equally important. If you rest every day it won’t help you, simi

Without failure there is no success

Without failure there is no achievement   -   John C Maxwell “Do you know what is opposite of success?” Since our childhood it is told to us that opposite of success is failure. But this is absurd. Success is being what you want to be, doing what you want to do and achieving what you want to achieve.             When you start making effort to get success you will encounter many setbacks in the process. Failure is one of them. You will get failures on the way. To get success you need to have value addition in yourself. This value addition is more in adverse situation, in fact, failure teaches more than success.             Failure cannot be lasting till you are making effort to achieve success. Failure makes you stronger, it makes you more responsible, and it also gives you strength to take greater responsibility. It provides necessary knowledge and skill required to peruse your dreams and get success.             You read any success stories and failure is par