You can be a writer keeping your day job

I do not have analytical mind and I do not posses any creativity.
That is why I love long distance running and writing.
Oh, what are you saying, I can understand for long distance running you need consistent practice but for writing you need to be creative. This was the reaction I get when I say people that long distance running and writing do not need creativity.
We have been told and our mind has been conditioned to believe that you need analytical and creative mind to be a great writer.
But the truth is something else.  
 Let us talk about writing. What do you think to be a great writer what skills and qualities you need to have? You might be thinking writing needs talent and genius.
But I do not agree with this premise. My view is different. How let us see further?
            Developing stamina for long distance running requires following a rigorous training schedule, where running and rest days are equally important. If you rest every day it won’t help you, similarly running every day will hurt you especially when you training for long distance running like marathon or ultra.
            There is a little difference when it comes to writing. Writing can be done without any rest day. With continuous practice once can be talented and genius. Let me give you my example, people say I am talented writer. But it took me years to reach the level at which I am today.  
            Can you declare yourself you are not talented without giving necessary time and effort?
When a baby is borne can you say whether he or she is talented?
Whether he or she will be a musician or writer or a scientist or any other professional?
Obviously, we cannot say.
It will depend on environment he or she gets during upbringing. Everybody is talented; all they need to nurture their skill to a level where it looks like an inborn talent.
            Every human being is borne with same stuffs. It is same energy. It is same power. It is same atom. It is up to him or her how he or she develops his or her capability. Capability increases with exposure and effort made in right direction by a person.
            With effort anyone can increase capability necessary to achieve what one wants to achieve. So, can you.
How this philosophy can be used to write a book?
By writing words to make a meaning full sentence and then few sentences together to form a paragraph, and many paragraphs put together to a chapter. These chapters will make a book, in the process you get smarter every day. You do it every day and one day you become an author, a talented one.
            There is no rocket science in it. It is a simple process which when followed makes great writer. This simple process can be adopted anywhere and in for any goal to achieve.
            I decided that I will post at least 150 posts before 2018. I was determined to do; I was ready to sit and write every day.
Is it easy for me? No, it isn’t. But I have to keep going, whether I feel like writing or I do not feel like, because my focus is to become a talented writer. I know what I can get or become through it.
I am in the process of making myself a bestselling writer. Therefore, I need to write, rewrite and rewrite again. Writing is the only way to improve writing.
You want to improve your writing, do the simple things:
Keep on writing. Make it a part of your daily routine. And you would meet with a great writer within you craving to come out.


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