Take action for your dream

There are several traits which take to be successful in life. You need to have dreams and goals. You need to have a plan to achieve those goals.
There are people who have a positive attitude, positive thinking, a burning desire, clarity of goals, and the entire essential ingredients required to be successful in life. However, they are not where they want to be and doing what they should be doing.  Then what is that mission link? The missing link is the effort. The effort made on a consistent basis.

         Jim Rohn, a famous motivation speaker and author, says “Affirmation without discipline is an illusion.”

       If you have everything but you do not have self-discipline, your dreams and goals will go away from you. This lack of action will not produce the desired result, resulting in discouragement and depletion of self-confidence.

If you want to dig a well you need to dig it at the same place till water comes out. It is not that when you feel like digging, you will dig and when you don’t feel like digging you will stop. You cannot get water if you will not dig at the same place for a sufficient period of time.

When you work for your dream, it is mostly faith driven. Fear can earn you money to pay your bills. But if you want to work for your dreams you need to work with faith in your heart.
          Faith will come from associating yourself with successful people and reading good books. Once a person revealed that he lives in a place where people are not so well educated, not well off, and not so successful, how he could associate with successful people. My answer to that young fellow was-where there is a will there is a way.
          Today, internet and World Wide Web has provided a tremendous opportunity for a common person having access to it. There is no dearth of learning material on the net. You can get information and learn and utilize this information and enhance your knowledge. Apply this knowledge to improve your skill.

          You can associate with successful people by watching their videos and reading their books. You can get great insight through books and blogs of successful people.

          I do believe that coach plays an important role. But, this is also true that once a student is ready, the teacher will appear.

          Have faith in your dreams; believe that one day you will live your dream life, and strive hard to make your dream true.

          Take those actions which are possible, very soon you will be doing once what was not possible. It happened to me, it can happen to anybody and it will also happen to you.

Success is a journey so do not make it a serious event, I am not saying do not be sincere, be sincere, committed, and enjoy the journey. The real success lies in-your growth and evolvement as a better person with each passing day.

          I do believe in God and I do believe in his creation. We all are his creation…
Have faith and put effort with all might.


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