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Action leads you to your goals

The missing link between your dream and reality is action. Take action for your dreams every day. Keep a journal and record what you do every day to accomplish the task you have undertaken. Always keep in mind-without action all other success principles will not work. It is aptly said by Jim R “Affirmation without discipline is a delusion.”             There are people who are sincere, hardworking and honest but still they are living a mediocre life and on the other hand, there are unscrupulous, unfair people who do not work as hard as other people do still they manage to earn more and live a prosperous life. There is only one reason for this, their desire to succeed, their desire to get what they want is very intense, they work every day, and they put effort on a consistent and persistent basis to achieve what they want. The other people fail to do it. This is the difference. Dreams & Goals without discipline is merely wishful thinking. Make a concrete plan, have belief