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Do you have a proper plan of action to achieve your goals?

The next step of set goal and how to achieve is having a proper plan of action. The previous day I was talking to a person. In the discussion, he revealed that he wants to purchase a car that costs about 40 times what is his present income. ‘Do you think his goal is achievable?’ I do think his goal is achievable but I think the plan he has is a bit challenging. It’s all about affordability. His goal will take a too long time to be achieved. Else he needs to have different plan-a plan to increase his earning capacity. He needs to earn more to afford that car. This is one of the reasons for failure to achieve the desired goal. You will not reach the destination if your vehicle is not suitable.   When I ask people about their dreams, they will usually tell big dreams like owning Mercedes Benz, Ferrari etc. but what is unfortunate is they don’t have any proper plan of action. If the proper plan is not in place what to execute. I am not saying you should not have big dreams.

Be aware of your dreams and Goals

Hi, my name is Kumar. I am working on a mission to help people realize their true potential and live their dream life. Yesterday, I was with a group of 5 young executives, who was working for the last 5 years in one of the reputed banks of this country. I asked them, “Do you know what the difference between dreams and goals is?” Surprisingly, they answered in negative. They are among the top 10 per cent of the population when it comes to earning. I know they are hardworking and bright and in a couple of years, they will be handling important assignments like in-charge of the branch. So, I was expecting them to know regarding dreams and goals. But when they could not answer, I remember what Brain Tracy once said, “Most people fail to set goals, because they do not know.”           Today we are living beyond the information age where we are bombarded with information. So, it is easier to access this kind of information. Probably, the flip side of it is it has made these things com

How can you overcome your self-liming belief?

Your achievement in your life is dependent on the action you take to achieve. Your action is dependent on your goals and how much you believe in your goals. If you believe in your goals you will take action. I have learnt this goal setting by trial and error. Goal setting, belief level- does it work? My sceptical mind will often pop up this question. Whenever I would think of doing something big, my own inner self from some corner of my heart and mind will spring up and say, ‘hey buddy, you can’t do this.’ And everything would fade away. This is a result of self-limiting belief.   Then in my trial and error of setting and achieving goals, I could learn something which completely changed my thought process. I could be able to shade away my self-limiting belief. I want to share with you what I learnt. I believe this can help you to get rid of your self-limiting belief if you have any. I am now 43 years old, with a full-time day job. I work hard on myself and in my job. Still,

Do not forget your dreams

The faith can move a mountain. I first read this sentence in a book, ‘the magic of thinking big.’ Yes, indeed, faith can move a mountain. I do believe in it. Had I always believed it? No, not always. So, what happened to me which caused me to believe that faith can move a mountain. Like many other children, when I was growing up I had dreams, dreams of travelling the world. While going school I would see a beautiful white magnificent bungalow in the way, a light blue luxurious car, I would dream one day I will have a bungalow like this and a big car. I would dream of a joint family living and eating together. I would dream of happiness and prosperity. From school, I went to college and after graduating from college like all my friends, I worked hard to get a government job. We have been told many times if you get a government job, your life would be settled. This is true even today in my country, India,-the land of opportunity. Once I started my job in a prestigious bank i

You cannot continue your goal achievement activity without this

Your Belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe-Mark Victor Hansen Why do most people despite knowing the fact that certain activities will definitely give the result fail to take action? The answer is simple, ‘they do not believe in themselves.’ We are, today, living in a world bombarded with negativity. Switch on the television, read a newspaper, what kind of news they are spreading. We can easily make out. Go to your social circle, everywhere this negativity is widespread which is far from reality. In such a scenario it is not easy to keep your belief system positive on a sustainable basis. How a negative self-belief can destroy the potential can very well be learnt through this small story of an elephant. When an elephant is a baby elephant, he is tied with an iron chain. The baby elephant tries day and night, day after day and week after week to break open the chain. But he does not succeed. Why? The iron cha

Can you choose your attitude?

A bad attitude and a good attitude, negative attitude and positive attitude, Who is responsible for this attitude. The human being is the only creature on this earth to think and take a decision. As human being, we can decide what attitude we want to adopt. If the conscious decision in selecting decision is not made, over the period no sooner it becomes our habit. Positive or negative we have to make the choice.           There are people who will blame everything except themselves. They will blame everything but they will never take responsibility. In fact, the moment they take responsibility, the moment they think they are accountable for their destiny, things will start changing and they can change their life.           If you think you can, an opportunity opens the door even in the difficult times, if you think you cannot, you will fail to see the most obvious solution to the problem. The problem is not in the problem itself, it is in your approach. It is your attitude, how

Without this would you achieve your goals?

Have you remembered what our teacher's emphasis was when we were in school? They would start with the basics.  I always believe in simple things and basics. Everything has its own basics. A fundamental. A person wants to get success in life needs to stick on those fundamentals. A business  has its own basics, a sport has its own, Yoga has its own, and every art like painting, music has its own. What happens when you start something new to learn? They teach you the basics first. In fact, it is always the basics.  Basics are simple and easy to do.  Do the basics sufficient to achieve big goals?  Of course, yes. Basics, when done repeatedly, bring big results. For example when you do physical activities every day for 6 months, for a year, or for 5 years, imagine what effect it will bring to your health. Daily sales call done for 6 months or for a year or for 5 years, imagine what effect it will bring to your sales. Daily readings for a half an hour to one ho

What exactly do you want?

I am a father of two kids, a 14-year boy and 9-year girl, they are always curious, like any other kids, how I spent my time as a kid, about my schools days, college days.           The previous day my son who has entered into teenage asked me, ‘Dad, when you were in high school, did you know what you wanted to do?’ He knows I help people find out their true passion, set goals and how to achieve these goals. I told to him, ‘Look son, our time was different. I did not have the exposure you have right now, in our society if a student is scoring above average marks he or she would go for science stream to become engineering or medicine student. So I was also not very clear as life’s circumstances unfolded, my life drifted. I had never had control over my life because I did not know what exactly I wanted to become or do.’ When I crossed my 40 years-now I am 43 years old- I could know what exactly is my passion, that too accidentally-endurance running and writing. I interact wit

How to get plenty of time to achieve your goals?

In my last blog, I wrote about areas in which you should make goals-Spiritual, health, family, job & Career/Business, financial, recreational/others. You can get the complete article here-           Now, the question comes, ‘where is the time to do all these things?’ When I started working on all these areas, I also thought-How is it possible to, where is the time. When I was not making any effort in except in my profession, I was hard pressed, but now I have an abundance of time in which I work on all spheres of my life. Here is a list of things you can do if you are really serious about your goals. You need to make sacrifices. 1.    Getting up early: the first thing you need to do is be an early riser. If you are a late riser as I was it will be a little difficult, but you can do this adjustment. Most of the people struggle to get up early but you can do it if you go to bed early. Getting up late is the effect of the cause going to bed late. Set right the cause, yo

You must set life's Goal in these areas

In my last blog, I told you to write down all your goals. Goals should be set for all areas of life. For example, suppose a person is very successful in his or her career but doesn’t have time to spend with his or her spouse or children. Would you consider it to be a success? If a person has the potential to earn more money but does not utilize his optimum potential and lives in a financial crisis, would you consider it to be a success?    Can a person afford to neglect his or her health to earn more money? The answers are obvious. However, we have entered into a mechanical world. We do things mechanically without thinking, which thwart our chances of utilizing our optimum potential. And when we do things without thinking it easy to miss what is obvious. What could be the solution? The solution is simple. You need to constantly remind yourselves that you need to improve in each area of life. Therefore, I firmly believe you should set goals in areas which are enumerated b

Why writing of goal is essential?

Hi, my name is Kumar. I have been a student of success principles and how it can be applied to live a happy, wealthy and prosperous life. My mentors helped me to realize my potential and live my dream life. Now, it is my turn to give back. It is my mission to help people recognize and realize their potential and live their dream life.             Today I would like to say something about how the setting of goals can be a useful tool to realize your goals. It is a proven fact goal setting is an important step in the goal achievement process. And this is a no secret. This information is available to everyone.               Everyone is unique in his or her own way. Everyone has potential to do what he or she wants to do and achieve what he or she wants.              Then a question comes, ‘Why a majority of people do not get what they want and achieve their goals in life?’                I believe in simplicity. The answer to the above question is simple. But what is simple may