Can you choose your attitude?

A bad attitude and a good attitude, negative attitude and positive attitude, Who is responsible for this attitude. The human being is the only creature on this earth to think and take a decision. As human being, we can decide what attitude we want to adopt. If the conscious decision in selecting decision is not made, over the period no sooner it becomes our habit. Positive or negative we have to make the choice.
          There are people who will blame everything except themselves. They will blame everything but they will never take responsibility. In fact, the moment they take responsibility, the moment they think they are accountable for their destiny, things will start changing and they can change their life.
          If you think you can, an opportunity opens the door even in the difficult times, if you think you cannot, you will fail to see the most obvious solution to the problem. The problem is not in the problem itself, it is in your approach. It is your attitude, how you perceive the problem.  
          For some people, glass is half empty, and for some people, glass is half people. But still, there are few people who think the glass is full-half with water and half with air, both essential for life. You cannot ignore the air.       
Last week, I went to a shop, it was morning, he had just opened the shop and was busy sweeping, I asked for bread, etc. He stopped sweeping and gave me the things I wanted. Then I went to another shop to buy some vegetables-as the earlier shopkeeper did not keep vegetables. It was morning time and shops were being opened. The vegetable vendor was also busy sweeping. I asked for some vegetables. He continued sweeping and told me to come after 10 minutes. I was in urgency as i had to drop my kid to school.
Same situation two shopkeepers attended his customer with a different approach. One of them lost the customer, another one made the sell. This is the difference an attitude can make.
I have seen and observed there are people sometimes they will positive and sometimes they are not. They think they are making the choice but as a matter of fact, their attitude is being governed by their mood swing or external sentences.
If you want to achieve big goals in your life, if you want to grow and make the progress, you need to be an optimistic person. Attitude must be a holistic approach if you are positive you shall be positive at your professional life and your personal life as well. 
Make attitude your daily choice. Bit by bit start with right now.
Keep growing.


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