Do you have a proper plan of action to achieve your goals?

The next step of set goal and how to achieve is having a proper plan of action.
The previous day I was talking to a person. In the discussion, he revealed that he wants to purchase a car that costs about 40 times what is his present income.
‘Do you think his goal is achievable?’
I do think his goal is achievable but I think the plan he has is a bit challenging. It’s all about affordability. His goal will take a too long time to be achieved. Else he needs to have different plan-a plan to increase his earning capacity. He needs to earn more to afford that car.
This is one of the reasons for failure to achieve the desired goal. You will not reach the destination if your vehicle is not suitable.  
When I ask people about their dreams, they will usually tell big dreams like owning Mercedes Benz, Ferrari etc. but what is unfortunate is they don’t have any proper plan of action. If the proper plan is not in place what to execute.
I am not saying you should not have big dreams. There is nothing wrong with big dreams. However, you must educate yourself and enhance your value at the market place. The more valuable you are the more earning capacity you will have. You need to invest your time and money on your education. You must sacrifice or delay your gratification.
If you are in a business, you need to improve your quality of service. It is the quality and service which differentiates one successful businessperson from the rest of them.
There are people who go to the workplace and work hard. But they don’t know they need to work hard on themselves.
You need to work hard on yourself, you need to work to enhance your skill set, and you need to work increase your capacity. And above all, you need to have a proper plan of action to work upon. Without a proper plan of action, your goals will become merely wishful thinking. I know you will not let it happen. I know you can work hard to make your dream true.
If you want to increase your income, you can start a part-time job or business along with your regular job to supplement your main income.
Today, the world has become a global village which has opened a plethora of opportunities. Find out what excites you and start working on the project.  
When is the best time to start something new?
Right now. Right now is the best time.
Keep growing.


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