How to get plenty of time to achieve your goals?

In my last blog, I wrote about areas in which you should make goals-Spiritual, health, family, job & Career/Business, financial, recreational/others. You can get the complete article here-
          Now, the question comes, ‘where is the time to do all these things?’
When I started working on all these areas, I also thought-How is it possible to, where is the time.
When I was not making any effort in except in my profession, I was hard pressed, but now I have an abundance of time in which I work on all spheres of my life.
Here is a list of things you can do if you are really serious about your goals. You need to make sacrifices.

1.   Getting up early: the first thing you need to do is be an early riser. If you are a late riser as I was it will be a little difficult, but you can do this adjustment. Most of the people struggle to get up early but you can do it if you go to bed early. Getting up late is the effect of the cause going to bed late. Set right the cause, you will get the effect. Once getting up early becomes your habit you will have plenty of time to do things you want to do. You can start your day with meditation and physical exercise, it will take care of your two goals-spiritual and health.
When I started getting up early I get sufficient time to work on my spiritual and health goals. 
2.   Stop watching television/social networking: I used to watch television/social networking for almost 16-17 hours every week for years together. 16-17 hours in a week is plenty of time. Now, I use this time to enhance my skill set to improve my effectiveness and efficiency for my career. It also gives me time to spend with my family. My spouse and two kids, they also, do not watch television.

  Thanks to this idea, now I am able to pursue my dream of writing as an avocation. You can do the same. Stop watching television and involvement in social networking on sites. See the difference yourself. And believe me; you will be aware of every news and sports that is happening around.
3.   Utilize your time in listening to audiobooks: My average commuting time in the car to my workplace and coming back to home is about one to one and a half hours. That is whooping 6 to 9 hours per week. Earlier I used to listen to music while going to the workplace and coming back. Now, I listen to audio books and motivational tapes.
I believe this is the best utilization of commuting time, and easy to implement. You must do it.

4.   Be organized: if you take care of small things, it will produce big results. You organize things in your workplace and at home. This is a great time saver.

5.   Focus on the thing which is in hand: This is a great stress buster. I used to carry home at work and work at home. When I focused on the thing which is right now at my hand. My effectiveness and productivity greatly enhanced.

At last, I would say all of us have plenty of time to do things we want to do and achieve our different goals and live a life of abundance. 
 But knowing things is not going to give the result if you are really serious to get your goals, you need to implement the knowledge and information you acquire. If you really want to change your life, you will have to change your lifestyle to better health, finance, family relationship and happiness.

Grow in life.


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