What exactly do you want?

I am a father of two kids, a 14-year boy and 9-year girl, they are always curious, like any other kids, how I spent my time as a kid, about my schools days, college days.
          The previous day my son who has entered into teenage asked me, ‘Dad, when you were in high school, did you know what you wanted to do?’
He knows I help people find out their true passion, set goals and how to achieve these goals.
I told to him, ‘Look son, our time was different. I did not have the exposure you have right now, in our society if a student is scoring above average marks he or she would go for science stream to become engineering or medicine student. So I was also not very clear as life’s circumstances unfolded, my life drifted. I had never had control over my life because I did not know what exactly I wanted to become or do.’
When I crossed my 40 years-now I am 43 years old- I could know what exactly is my passion, that too accidentally-endurance running and writing.
I interact with a large number of people; I ask them what exactly they want in their life. I am not surprised as most of them either do not know the answer or they are in a profession they do not like.
That is the reason I love the goal setting and its achievement process. Because when you set goals you know what exactly you want to do or want to become.
What do I exactly want to be? What do I exactly want to do? What do I exactly want to get? What can I sacrifice to get what I want to get?
These are the questions I used to ask me, as it helps to keep me on track and gives a definite purpose to my life. It gives a road map, I have to follow.
If you are reading this blog, that shows you are searching for something, something to make your life better. I am here to help you find your goals and how to achieve your goals. I wish I had got this guidance when I was in my twenties or thirties. Still, I consider myself fortunate that I got this clarity at least at the age of 40.   
I do not want you to lead a confused life. I want you to have clarity about the above questions, I ask to me and I want you to ask these questions to you and have clear goals and objectives in life.  
I would love to hear your goals in life.
Keep growing.


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