Without this would you achieve your goals?

Have you remembered what our teacher's emphasis was when we were in school?

They would start with the basics. I always believe in simple things and basics. Everything has its own basics. A fundamental. A person wants to get success in life needs to stick on those fundamentals. A business has its own basics, a sport has its own, Yoga has its own, and every art like painting, music has its own. What happens when you start something new to learn? They teach you the basics first. In fact, it is always the basics. Basics are simple and easy to do. 

Do the basics sufficient to achieve big goals? 

Of course, yes. Basics, when done repeatedly, bring big results.

For example when you do physical activities every day for 6 months, for a year, or for 5 years, imagine what effect it will bring to your health.

Daily sales call done for 6 months or for a year or for 5 years, imagine what effect it will bring to your sales.

Daily readings for a half an hour to one hour, what will it do to your knowledge? Will it bring efficiency and effectiveness to your work.

The list can go on. Basics indeed are essential. And what does it take to implement these basics?  

It requires discipline. It requires self-discipline. Without self-discipline dreams and goals are merely wishful thinking. It is the self-discipline which differentiates between achievers and non-achieves, between performer and non-performer, between top salespeople and fair salespeople. Self-discipline differentiates a professional from an amateur.  

If you are not self-disciplined every single day, it will bring sporadic and weak results. Weak results give discouragement and disappointed resulting in the erosion of self-confidence.

What happens, when a person starts a new business or a new course to enhance his or her value or learning guitar or sketching or a new sport? He or she starts with great excitement; he or she is given basic lessons, which require patience and self-discipline. Once this self-discipline is not practised, it produces weak results and after some time the person is so discouraged, as the expected results are not coming forth-he or she finally quits. It is not that person’s intention was not good, but he fails to practice self-discipline on a consistent basis, on a daily basis.
So, the key to goal achievement is-on which another principle of success is dependent-basics practised with self-discipline every single day. Without self-discipline, you won’t achieve your goals.

Keep growing.


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