You cannot continue your goal achievement activity without this

Your Belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe-Mark Victor Hansen

Why do most people despite knowing the fact that certain activities will definitely give the result fail to take action?
The answer is simple, ‘they do not believe in themselves.’
We are, today, living in a world bombarded with negativity. Switch on the television, read a newspaper, what kind of news they are spreading. We can easily make out. Go to your social circle, everywhere this negativity is widespread which is far from reality. In such a scenario it is not easy to keep your belief system positive on a sustainable basis.
How a negative self-belief can destroy the potential can very well be learnt through this small story of an elephant.
When an elephant is a baby elephant, he is tied with an iron chain. The baby elephant tries day and night, day after day and week after week to break open the chain. But he does not succeed. Why? The iron chain is too strong for the baby elephant to break. Gradually, he starts believing that it is not possible for him to break the iron chain. Time passes by, now, the baby elephant is huge, powerful, giant elephant.
          Now, he is tied up with Jute rope that he can easily break and can get his freedom easily, in a single stroke. But he does not do it. He has been conditioned since his young age that the chain is too strong for him to break. This belief system is so deep in his mind, that he thinks it is the reality.  While the reality is not at all, what he believes.
          We human being is not different from that elephant. We are conditioned and made to believe and think that we can do certain work, despite the fact that all the power is within us.
          Since our childhood days we are bombarded with so much negative that our belief system developed into CAN’T DO attitude.
But it is in our hand to reverse this belief system; we as a human being have the power to control what we think. And chose our attitude and condition our belief system.
          How can we change our belief system?
There are two easy ways-number one read books and watch motivation videos, secondly associate you with like-minded, goal oriented, and successful people.
You do it for a couple of months, and if you think these are not working and you are wasting your time, you can leave it altogether. However, with my own experience and with the experiences of other people I can assure you that it works. And once you start taking these two steps, you will continue it with the rest of your life.
Now, coming to the answer to the question I asked in the beginning. It is the negative belief system of a person which prevents him or her of taking action. If we change this negative belief system into a positive one, can do attitude, we start believing that whatever goals we set for ourselves are achievable, we start taking action. An action on a daily basis with a deep belief in our heart that- Yes, whatever goals we are setting we are definitely going to achieve.

Keep growing.     


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