You must set life's Goal in these areas

In my last blog, I told you to write down all your goals. Goals should be set for all areas of life.
For example, suppose a person is very successful in his or her career but doesn’t have time to spend with his or her spouse or children. Would you consider it to be a success?
If a person has the potential to earn more money but does not utilize his optimum potential and lives in a financial crisis, would you consider it to be a success?  
Can a person afford to neglect his or her health to earn more money?
The answers are obvious. However, we have entered into a mechanical world. We do things mechanically without thinking, which thwart our chances of utilizing our optimum potential. And when we do things without thinking it easy to miss what is obvious.
What could be the solution? The solution is simple. You need to constantly remind yourselves that you need to improve in each area of life.
Therefore, I firmly believe you should set goals in areas which are enumerated below:
1. Spiritual:   You must give some time to work on your soul. We can do meditation or we can simply be alone in a calm and serene place and spend time with ourselves.

2. Health: You should not-rather you can not- afford to neglect your health. You must do some physical activities every day preferably in the morning, but if you don’t get time, you can do it in the evening. You should also do something for your mental/intellectual health. I do believe reading books which give positivity is the best. However, some of my friends like music, painting, writing etc.

3.  Family: You must have family Goals. My wife always strives to have at least one meal with all the family together. Doing it every day creates great bondage among the family. You can also make morning walk or evening stroll a family event or reading, painting, drawing together also works well. There are many things which can be done together. You can find out and make a choice. Doing things together on a daily basis avoid any kind of Communication gap which is important for a great relationship.
4. Job and Careers/Business: You must do something every day to have value addition in yourselves. This can be done by gathering information and knowledge by reading books, research papers, attending seminars, spending time with mentors that can enhance your knowledge and then applying acquired knowledge in your work so that you can be more effective and productive.
5. Financial: You should strive to reduce expenses. Don’t use credit cards or at least avoid it. Save and invest regularly.
To supplement your income you can part-time business or job.
6. Recreational/others: This is also an important aspect of life’s goal. It rejuvenates you and fuels you to work harder to achieve your goals.

Nothing big can be achieved overnight. It is our daily goal which makes bigger/long term goals possible.

I know many of you would be asking, ‘where is the time to do all these activities?’

It’s ok to ask this question.

I also used to ask this question.

I got the answer I would share in my next blog. I will tell you how I got time to work in all areas of my life.


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