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Daily contribution to your goals

Power of daily contribution in the pursuit of goals, I could realize while I was preparing for my first marathon. At the same time, I was also working on my first book. During the process I could realize-I won’t say I have discovered something amazing as all the successful people do it- that only game changer in your accomplishment of a goal is a daily contribution.  Once we realize it, we will find that any goal, however difficult it seems, is achievable.  A castle cannot be built in a day. It was true hundreds of years ago, it is true today. It can be built brick by brick. Good habit or bad habit is a result of our daily routine. Bad health is a result of poor diet, lack of physical activity over a period of many years. Building good health also requires time. But we look for a quick fix, when it does not work or does not last long, we quit. It is the same with a financial condition, over a long period of time we pile up debts, erode our savings and investments. But when we

There is always a hope

We all know that one of the qualities we need to succeed in life is Positive attitude. When everything goes well, keeping ourselves positive and optimistic is not a big deal. But the real challenge and test of our mettle are when nothing goes well. When nothing seems to be in control, when every action backfires, when it seems we are at the nadir of our life when there is no room to go down, then it is time to show, we are mentally tough, we are emotionally grown up, we are the powerhouse. We are the best creation of God. We have the ability to make our life significant. We have goals to achieve. This could all be possible only if we are optimistic. Let the situations shall be very difficult. We need to be optimistic anyhow. There is one permanent thing in life and that is change. Whatever tough and challenging the situation, it’s going to change, even if we don’t do anything, it’s going to change. We need to remain optimistic as there are things which only time has the answer. On

Make monthly resolutions as you make yearly rsolutions

Like many people, I love making new resolutions. Today is the first day of a new month. Isn’t it exciting to make a new resolution for a month? But when I first thought of a monthly resolution my mind rejected it. One month, only one month what could i achieve in one month. I set a goal of losing weight of 10-12 pounds, year after year without ever achieving it. How is it possible to do it in one month? My dream list includes the purchase of a new home, a new car; it includes exotic vacations with my family. My dream list also includes substantial built of a portfolio in paper assets; it also includes completing my first book. It also includes running ultra-marathon. There are career-related dreams. All these long term dreams would take at least many months together if not years, hence it does not count a month. This was my thinking earlier but now, when I set daily goals, a month provides me with an opportunity to 30 times more than my daily time available to work on my dream