Daily contribution to your goals

Power of daily contribution in the pursuit of goals, I could realize while I was preparing for my first marathon. At the same time, I was also working on my first book. During the process I could realize-I won’t say I have discovered something amazing as all the successful people do it- that only game changer in your accomplishment of a goal is a daily contribution.
 Once we realize it, we will find that any goal, however difficult it seems, is achievable. 
A castle cannot be built in a day. It was true hundreds of years ago, it is true today. It can be built brick by brick. Good habit or bad habit is a result of our daily routine.
Bad health is a result of poor diet, lack of physical activity over a period of many years. Building good health also requires time. But we look for a quick fix, when it does not work or does not last long, we quit.
It is the same with a financial condition, over a long period of time we pile up debts, erode our savings and investments. But when we want to build a good portfolio, we don’t want to invest for a longer period. We want to build our portfolio quickly,
I have seen many people come in the business of selling. They will work for few months and quit.
A couple of years with daily contribution can work miraculously. But it is not just a couple of years. A couple of years with daily contribution mean 730 days. If you work on any of your life’s goal for 730 days, every day, can you imagine the kind of result it can bring?
I am not going to answer the question as I don’t know your goals, but one thing I know for sure, whatever your goals, if you contribute for 730 days, every day, you are definitely going to accomplish your goals…


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