Make monthly resolutions as you make yearly rsolutions

Like many people, I love making new resolutions. Today is the first day of a new month. Isn’t it exciting to make a new resolution for a month?
But when I first thought of a monthly resolution my mind rejected it. One month, only one month what could i achieve in one month. I set a goal of losing weight of 10-12 pounds, year after year without ever achieving it.
How is it possible to do it in one month?
My dream list includes the purchase of a new home, a new car; it includes exotic vacations with my family. My dream list also includes substantial built of a portfolio in paper assets; it also includes completing my first book. It also includes running ultra-marathon. There are career-related dreams. All these long term dreams would take at least many months together if not years, hence it does not count a month. This was my thinking earlier but now, when I set daily goals, a month provides me with an opportunity to 30 times more than my daily time available to work on my dreams.
 There is only one way I could achieve my big dreams and that is daily action to achieve those big dreams.
Now, let me give you an example of reading books, one of my year’s resolutions was to read 50 books. So, monthly it comes to at least 4 books a month. Similarly, all big dreams depend on my monthly goals and ultimately my daily goals.
If I want to be in top 10 per cent of sales people I must be aware of the fact, how many sales call I need to make daily and I must make those daily calls to achieve my yearly targets.
This is applicable to every walk of life. If I think I can rest 15 days of the month and can do entire month work in the rest 15 days. It is not going to work.
These monthly, weekly and daily goals are doing wonders for me and it has completely changed my life. With my experience and with the experience of other successful people I can say this helps in keeping the focus on the goals on a daily basis.
Therefore, you must make monthly goals and work on them. it will make you excited and keep you on the right track.
I will love to hear from you.
Keep Growing.


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