There is always a hope

We all know that one of the qualities we need to succeed in life is Positive attitude. When everything goes well, keeping ourselves positive and optimistic is not a big deal. But the real challenge and test of our mettle are when nothing goes well. When nothing seems to be in control, when every action backfires, when it seems we are at the nadir of our life when there is no room to go down, then it is time to show, we are mentally tough, we are emotionally grown up, we are the powerhouse. We are the best creation of God. We have the ability to make our life significant. We have goals to achieve. This could all be possible only if we are optimistic.
Let the situations shall be very difficult. We need to be optimistic anyhow. There is one permanent thing in life and that is change. Whatever tough and challenging the situation, it’s going to change, even if we don’t do anything, it’s going to change. We need to remain optimistic as there are things which only time has the answer. Only time can bring out the truth.
In the darkest of the situation, we question our ability-Ability to think positively, ability to take consistent action. Our own mind will question, “Leave all these efforts, you can’t do it?”
We need to change such question into, “Do we still have the ability to learn and take action?” and if we are optimistic and hopeful, then the answer will definitely be YES. If we have any doubt about the answer, we need to check out the reason to be optimistic. We need to find out the reason to be hopeful.
 “Are circumstances more powerful than our ability to overcome them?”
Certainly not, We are more powerful than our circumstances. We will stand out on our feet. We will run. We will run for our goal to make it true. We will run. We will run for our dream.
Yes, we will. There is hope. There is always a hope and it must not die.


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