Do this to enhance you efficiency and productivity

I am fascinated about goals setting and achieving them. Setting goals-long term as well as short term goals, give control over my life. My life has completely changed once I learnt the scientific method of goal setting. A lot of good work has been done on this subject and well-written literature on this subject is also available on the net.
       Though I am an amateur runner but am passionate about endurance running. One day like any other day I got up early and went for my running practice. I was in loose full track pant and t-shirt. I usually carry my mobile while running. I put my mobile in one of the pockets of my track pant. I carry the mobile to track my pace during practice. But that day whenever I tried to increase my pace the mobile would start hanging up and down due to the loose track pant. I really got irritated. However, I learnt a great lesson on that day.
          ‘One may be an amateur, but he or she must act as a professional’
I got immensely benefitted with this approach, and the whole purpose of sharing this is to inform that this small act can enhance our efficiency and productivity and also, it can save your time also. Now, I apply this professional approach for everything I do.

What is the benefit and how you can do it?
You may do something as an amateur, but nothing stops you to act like a professional. The moment you start acting like a professional, your self-esteem, your confidence level boost up. It helps you to focus and to give your best at the task at the hand, whether you are doing it to be professional in that field or doing it as an amateur.
          The first thing you can do is to have proper attire like a professional. You can choose the attire as per your requirement and affordability. Secondly, you develop a working habit like a professional. Let us take an example of an amateur runner and professional runner. A professional runner gets to the track with proper attire and gives his or her best in the practice session without wasting any time. Even an amateur can do that.

This approach can be applied in any walk of life and a positive result would be visible.

Act like a professional and keep growing.


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