Simple act to be master in your chosen field

Take simple steps, unlearn things that are not necessary and learn things that are important to achieve goals and to make life simpler. There are many things which we have learnt. Sometimes, these learning which is supposed to help us achieve greater heights in life, but on the other hand, these causes hindrance, probably, one of the reasons may be while learning we learn many things which are negative learning that causes doubts in mind. If such is the situation we must unlearn certain things. So, we can create space to learn new things that are essential for us to achieve a larger purpose. We must keep in mind the process and act through which we master the things is simple.
If we make the laws and process of life simple, it would be easy to live a simple life and achieve more in life.
A few days ago I was watching a videotape. I heard a speaker saying interesting thing about Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest batsman in the history of cricket and Bharat Ratna awardee. The speaker said that the simple act of something done on a regular basis can take you to greater heights in life. he gave the example of Sachin Tendulkar. He asked, "What does Sachin Tendulkar used to do?"
He answered, "Sachin mastered in one simple act-hitting the ball. He was least bothered about anything else. He mastered in hitting the ball. Every day he practised one simple act of hitting the ball. And he made history."
The power of simple act has also been demonstrated in the movie the karate kid. The simple act of putting down and putting on the jacket by the protagonist paved a path to his unprecedented success in life.
Instead of making things complicated, isn’t it wise to act on the simple act every day to be the master of our chosen field?
If you want to be an actor, a writer, a sportsperson, a politician, an entrepreneur, a marathoner or whatever you want to be or achieve, you need to master the simple act essential for that field. Give time to that simple act, Do that simple act every day. And witness a miracle in your life.
Keep growing.


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